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Help please all. Just come up against a team with a lower war score than ours. Yet their scoring has been insane. See pictures…
Even their weak players have beat us up? Have the other team lowered their war teams on purpose? I have never seen a score of 5800 points. Any guidance would be good as we usually score between 4200 and 4700 which isn’t too bad.

We scored 6100+ this war, and we lost.

Why do you think this isn’t possible? :slight_smile:


What’s your team score though? For the alliance I am in i have never seen a score posted against us above 4900. Now a team with 150k team score bangs out 5890 points? Just seems eclxtremely high hence putting the query out there

Are they using a particularly effective strategy against you? Single colour tanks for starters? Coordinated multiple flips at once?

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And should this be merged with the main war algorithm thread? @zephyr1 @Garanwyn

Their war score appears to be higher than yours by a fair amount.

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Maybe, this might be worthy of #gameplay-help-tactics as a personal advice thread, I was keeping an eye to see where we ended up. :slight_smile:


Lol, same here. We had been really thrilled by our performance, but only to that particular point, when we realized it won’t be enough.


From just the snippet of screen I can see:

You’re coordinating on purple tanks, which isn’t a bad choice. But the team setups look potentially problematic to me.

For example: two of the teams appear to have Viv tucked in the corner. While this works great for MoNo or Alby (where the rez can transform the fight), with a slow non-rez healer like Viv, it usually just means the heal fires too late to do anything.

In terms of offensive strategy, it sounds like you’re getting 3 resets plus a little, or 2 resets plus a lot of kill farming. There are several strategies that can help maximize points. Without knowing what you’re doing, it’s hard to recommend how to optimize it.


They started slow. Took out lower members actually mucked up a few hits. They then sporadically hit until this morning, where over a 5 hour period they put in lots of hits.
As for our alliance, we tend to like to get on with it. So we push for a reset straight away, then another reset around the time we get the 2nd wave of go’s. If things ar going well we push for a 3rd. But not on this occasion.

Oh both teams using purple tanks as well

Sounds like they were farming weaker teams.

That’s a highly effective method to very significantly increase your score.


Hmm OK. I have seen other teams employ exact same tactics against us and finish a good 1000 points short. That’s why I was puzzled as to how they have been despatching us with such ease.

As your strength grows, you’ll face teams with increasingly more bench depth, which can make a lot of difference if your Defenses aren’t optimized.

@Garanwyn pointed out a couple things above, it might be worth starting to coordinate with your alliance mates not just on Tanks but also on team composition for each Enemy Support (Attack Boost, Arrow Barrage, Field Aid) and in general.

It’s also worth making sure people are updating Heroes and Troops on their War Defense as they make progress on leveling.


OK cheers for the advice.


It’s a common strategy. The weaker opponents take out your weaker teams. Six hours later they take them out again. Eight hours later the entire alliance comes online and flips you twice. Then your weaker teams get taken out for a fifth time.

It requires a fair amount of co-ordination within the alliance, including line or discord.


The way matchmaking works, I’d expect them to score higher if they didn’t practice monochrome tanks.

Why? Monochrome tanks gives opponent more headaches on second set of flags so you should score higher when you do use them.

Or rather your opponent scores lower.

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When I took the stats of the opponents team (I am the leader of the team that fraggle is in) when we were first matched itshowed their war score as 43834 as opposed to our 43773

How can they suddenly jump to 48156

Is not the first alliance we have fought where players seem to have joined after the matching process

Because people opting in or out changes the war score by their contribution. An alliance with 30 people will have a war score around 30 times larger if 30 people are opted in than if just one person is opted in.

You both clearly had a bunch of people opted out for the last war. Some of theirs just opted back in apparently. Maybe those people only fight in the midweek wars?

At any rate, people joining or leaving after the matching process doesn’t matter, because only people who were opted in during matchmaking are allowed to fight in a war.


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