🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

No collective team goal to be achieved all just based on your own individual performance? Shame, could have helped encourage people to stick around in alliances more, missed opportunity i think

They are going to do that with Mythic Titans. But it wasn’t in beta yet so nobody knows what it will be like.

About the Ninja Tower: I was really excited when it was announced and first info from beta was shared. But after reading a lot of the last beta version I got a bit sceptical. Seems like the rewards are barely worth the effort. And putting the chances of summoning an S1 5* hero higher than getting a 5* ninja is just a slap in the face of the playerbase. After they finally improved the ToL portal I wasn’t expecting that…


Apologies if this has already been asked…

How do mana cutting dynamics work on the ninja’s charge?

If, say, a ninja is on 105% and you hit with a 20% mana cut - does it go back below 100% or does it get capped at a particular stage?

Same question with regards to Hansel/Gretel and Merlin/Alfrike?
Will Merlin/Alfrike completely empty the charge even if it’s at 299%?

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This event and this heroes are waaaaaayyyyyy toooooo much! It will happend the same thing like with costumes. They will stop the event after 5 days. It is too complicated, too time consuming, too unclear and this all… For finishing the tower after 1 month work and getting… Friar for example. I will skip this sh.t…

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Dunno about mana cutting on ninjas, but given what I read about the event until now, I am sure there will be ninjas cutting onions.

Note 99% of these questions are already answered in the OP to which you’re responding… Please read twice before asking.

Yes. As stated in the OP.

Removed as an option AFTER the battle finishes… So you will not be able to use them in future Ninja Tower event teams.

Literally stated in the first couple lines of the OP… Every 2nd month.

Answered several times. Heroes can be used as many times as you like, provided they DO NOT get cursed 2x times.


Yes. it seems that way.

As far as you can get :stuck_out_tongue: Most beta testers didn’t bother finishing as it gets really really repetitive… It’s not that they COULDN’T finish, just that we all got bored.

Thanks, will fix shortly.

Yeah, I have to update now. I copied from the beta beat thread which was slightly behind on that table. :slight_smile:

Answered previously. The curse sticks.

Each charge is treated as 100% mana. So if you’re at 105% and apply a 20% mana cut it goes back to 85% mana.
Similarly, in order to fully charge a Ninja Hero using a Super Mana Potion, you need to apply 3x of them. First will go to 1x charge (100% Mana), Second to 2x charge (200% mana) and third to 3x charge (300% mana).

Not 100% sure on this one. Don’t recall it being seen / spoken about in beta…


Splendid work everyone. Really breaks it down.

Bravo and thank you!

20 oni blessings

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let me ask, the hero who is cursed 2x can no longer be used, is there no way to undo the curse? Will the cursed hero leave the match right away? thank you

From beta beat thread:

No. They are out for the duration of that Ninja Event. Still can use in every other application of the game. Just no more in the Ninja Event.

Answered earlier:

Too complicated, too long and not enough rewards for me to do it, I’ll pass on it, hopefully others will,also and they will have another look at it.


I hope I can survive, until I get 100 coins, hopefully I can get the hero event, because I can’t get the hero event until now,maybe my account has been cursed :joy:

Has anyone counted the number of tower coins for the completion of all floors ?

I believe it is 98 for completing all 50 stages.

Plus then at least 5 from the end-of-event rewards.

1 month WORK for only 1 pull??? And you will probably get friar… This is the most uselesss event!


I was about to emphasize this but I was beaten to the punch. Bumping this for everyone !!

14-15 = 1st full day - Tower Energy Flags full;
15-16 = 2nd full day - Tower Energy Flags first full replenish;
16-17 = 3rd full day - Tower Energy Flags second full replenish;
17-18 = 4th full day - Tower Energy Flags third full replenish; and
18-19 = 5th full day - Tower Energy Flags fourth full replenish.

Thus, we have five full days of completing the Ninja Tower Event, starting 14 October to 19 October.

Please re-read again from the top. It is not one month of work. If you find this useless an event, nobody is compelling anyone to participate. As for some of us, this is a new event and a new content. I like it since it removes me from the usual grind and the curses and limitations are a challenge.



I apologize in advance for being off-topic but i have to express my very deep respect for your (and other moderator’s) stoic patience for answering the same questions over and over again because people are too lazy or unwilling to search for answers in the information you are already providing, mostly in the first post of the threads.


I agree. But… once a hero dies, can he be used again?

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Yes if not cursed twice

Ah thanks and sorry, I was being a smart alec :slight_smile:


I like it, was calling for limited challenge event reruns forever. But I fear that the flasks can be bought, so it might be an advantage again for the payers, only fair if you can’t buy these flasks by dozens. :fox_face:

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