Not too difficult yellow advice

I have been summoning and want to know if I should save doubles of anyone. I have fully leveled Mist, wu Kong, chao with emblems and am working on Li Xiu with costume. I have another mist that I planned on eventually and I pulled 2 gretels. Also have Hu Tao. Anyone I should dump. I am almost done with Joon as well (joon getting 2 star feeders a d Li Xiu getting 1 stars). Also got leonidas and Malisi but I don’t have any more darts. Should I feed any of my mentioned 4 star yellows? 2nd mist, 2nd gretel. Hu tao?

Hu Tao could certainly be put aside, maybe indefinitely unless you want to use him for rush tourneys.

Since you already have MIst and working on a second, I’d probably bench Gretel for now as well since IMO she almost an inferior version of Mist. I wouldn’t feed any 4* away just yet unless you’re really short on roster space, then the slow panda can go. I leveled him to 3/53 out of sheer boredom and because I ran out of yellow projects and regret every yellow feeder I’ve spent on him. :frowning:


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