⭐️ North Alliances recruiting. Top alliance family, having all level alliances. Check the stars in game and the latest post here

Come join a high performing family with no tolerance for drama.

We are 9 alliances strong and our aim for 2020 is to secure 5 permanent spots in the Top 100 and prioritise growth of our existing members.

To help us achieve these, each alliances have set requirements and goals that must be met. Each members’ performance will be closely monitored and are expected to be accountable for their own performance.

However the great thing about our family is that we will actually look after you and give you all the support you need to become a better player. Each of our alliance has different requirements that will suit different styles of play. So come chat to us today, we would love to hear from you.

All KOTN alliances share Line groups for game advice, strategies, General game chat & help and off- topic fun.

Our alliances include:


Leader Julia (LINE: Julia-north)

2600 cups

min. 30+ maxed 5* Heroes

4550+ AW Defense (We are aiming for all 4600+ and min. level 23 main troops)

Streak 14* Titans

GOAL: Maintain Top 10 wars and kill all titans. Members are expected to be highly competitive.


Leader Ronandex (LINE: ronandex501)

2500 Cups

25 + maxed 5* Heroes

4550 AW Defense

Streak 14* Titans

GOAL: Push into Top 20. Members are expected to be highly competitive.


Leader Mafia Princess (LINE: Mafia Princess or beezzerpw)

2400 Cups

15+ maxed 5* Heroes

4200 AW Defense

Min. 110k average titan damage

GOAL: Top 100. Members are expected to be competitive and active.


Leader Whoonoo (LINE: Hallsey3)

2400 Cups

15+ maxed 5* Heroes

4300 AW Defense

130k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

GOAL: Push into Top 100 and kill titans before 7hrs mark. Members are expected to become competitive, with potential to advance to Wolves.


Leader Samz (LINE: samz412 )

2200 Cups

12+ maxed 5* Heroes

4200 AW Defense

110k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

GOAL: F2P/C2P alliance. Grow into Top 100. Members are expected to become competitive but at a slower pace.


Leader: Page (LINE: page2001)

6 Full War Teams

3500 AW Defense

60-70k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

GOAL: Remain as casual mentoring and training alliance. Members can train up and advance into Knights. Members are still expected to remain active.


Leader: Oddbogeyman (Line: oddbogeyman)

Active training alliance looking for active players of any level willing to learn and grow with core group of experienced players. We require daily participation but flexible for RL.

Currently fighting 9*-10* titans

Requirements: Open in game. 2000 cups. All flags used if opting into war. Line app use preferred but not required.


Leader Raven (LINE: WitchMD or julia-north)
Casual/Relaxed Alliance having a good mix of longtime experienced members and newer players.
Several KotN retired/ Alt accounts are hanging out here.

Currently fighting 9* - 11* titans while chilling, training and having fun. Alliance wars is optional, but members are expected to use all flags if not opting out.

Open to join in game when not full


Leader ScruffyLookin (LINE: ronandex501)

Holiday, resisting, retiring? This is the place for you if you’d still like to remain part of the family.

KOTN family values:

Within all the KOTN Family we help and encourage members to always have the best fit alliance for both their level and preferences for their way of playing the game at any time.
Some likes to play competitive all the way, to grow to move up for higher ranked alliances. Others likes to stay and grow with the friends they are with, and others again like to switch between periods of competitive and more relaxed playing.
All kind of playing styles are welcomed within our family. Communication to make that possible and work smoothly is high priority in all our alliances.

Members applying for an alliance within the family, will be high on the list, if meeting basic requirements.
We all help each other and have a great friendly and drama free community of shared chats.

Feel free to reach out to join and grow within our awesome family :slight_smile:

Edit: We are proud to present new family coordinated alliance names. Names changed, our alliances and family stays the same


We are currently having openings in Wolves of Winterfell, White Lotus, Ravens of Winterfell (new competitive training alliance) and Desculpa


With the new competive alliance, Ravens of Winterfell, this is a great chance to join the North family! They are strong already and getting stronger daily! Don’t miss this opportunity to join one of the best alliance groups in the game!


Great opportunity to get in The North family. Ravens is striving to be competitive and likely won’t have openings for long. White Lotus has 5 spots and prefer 2000 cups but willing to accept very active hungry players who are lower powered. Come join us!

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Ravens is slowly filling, but still spots available for any active like minded players. Winter is coming… dont miss this great opportunity to stay warm with a great family!!!

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Update: The Wolves and Peace Warriors are full up, but come to grow or reserve a future spot in these competitive alliances by joining the Ravens or White Lotus! Or just come to chill with the North family in Desculpa! Whatever your current or future goals, there’s a place for you here.

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Spot open in Wolves…

Ravens, White Lotus, Desculpa has availability for the more casual players


Ravens still has plenty of room but growing strong!!!

Wolves looking for 2 or 3 strong players to push into the top 100.

Contact if interested

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One spot open in the Wolves of Winterfell. We are 4000 points outside of the top 100! Come claim your spot for the last push!


Wolves is looking for a strong player to join us in the north!!!

Were currently ranked 108 with 29 looking to hit top 100 with member #30. Message me on line or FB if interested… trying to fill spot before war


Come join am awesome and competitive alliance. I’ve been here (Wolves of Winterfell - sister alliance) less than a month and am loving the the comraderie, shared knowledge and hunger to aim for top 100.


Ravens looking for active members still… come join a great family. And grow with us

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Come join our sister alliance - Ravens of Winterfell, and be part of the King of the North family.

Come TRAIN with them and GROW to become a competitive alliance, or a chance to move into TWO TOP 100 alliances.

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Thanks @Ian487 I edited the post


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We currently have a few openings in KotN Peace Warriors, Wolves of Winterfell, Ravens of Winterfell and White Lotus.
Look at head post for Line contact info and requirements or apply in game.

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We have 2 spots left in Ravens of Winterfell and there will be a spot available soon in Wolves of Winterfell (top 70).

Come be part of the King of the North family. We are a supportive bunch and we will make sure you get all the advise and coaching you need to be the best you wanna be.

Members in Ravens of Winterfell will also get a chance to move up to Wolves of Winterfell.

Come chat to use today, we would love to hear from you. LINE ID: ronandex501 OR dogdaze007



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