★King of the North★ Top alliance - come join us for relaxed top playing

We are having a few rare spots open, or coming up, for visitors or permanent members.

Min. level 25 rainbow mana troops, building to 29/30,17,11
Min. 35 maxed 5* heroes - defense 18-20 nodes
Emblems: Min. 30 4* maxed -5* heroes 11+ nodes, building to 30 5* heroes 11+ nodes.

Our goal is to stay competitive in the top 30 of leaderboard and in wars.

We enjoy being a drama- free, casual/competitive alliance, allowing members to build at own pace and not getting stressed about new features/heroes, high performance or spending in game. Real life comes first.

To reach our goals and do our best as a team, we rely on great teamwork and friendly communication. Our highest priority is to help each other grow , have fun in game and make the best of what we got.

Check us out in game or message on Line: Julia- north


And I’ll add for a leaderboard alliance, KOTN is pretty flexible with timing of war hits. Great for those who want to experience high end competition but may be limited on time during war.


King of the North is full by now but still recruiting. We have members planning for breaks in game and having some visitors in.
Reach out for strong, but not crazy competitive playing on the leaderboard.
One of our first priorities is that life come first! .
We like to not having members getting stressed out, about super high performances, or getting all the new best heroes.
We are making the best of what we got.
We enjoy, the fun, support and friendship, in the alliance, to help each other make our best, in a drama-free and low pressure top alliance.
We have a great community of 10 alliances in the family. When we are having room, a place for everyone interested in joining the North family


We are having 3 spots up for veteran or strong upcoming players. Reach out for a chat : Julia-north

Come join the fun in top 100 . 2 spots will be open after this war

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