Normal attack Formula?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had figured out the Formula for figuring out Damage from normal attack with tiles? Also, when using more than one Hero of an element, I know the strength of the normal tile attack is combined and considers the attack strength of each hero as well as the contribution of their respective troops, but I don’t know to what degree or how to figure out the damage to expect. Then when there are three or four of the same color, same thing. I am aware that if there is no hero of a particular color/element that a tile only does one damage and it states “hero missing.”

To my knowledge, no one has figured out the exact formula yet (though you can look at the best guesses by searching for attack formula on the Forum).

Also, in addition to all you’ve listed above, remember that shooting through a blank area (no monsters) gives you much more mana gain than you normally get. :wink:

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