Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

If there’s an entry fee, I’m not entering. Plenty else to do.


Time is the most vauable resource on the planet

No one is f2p…


as long as time brings you pleasure, all is good
for me f2p = more time to enjoy this game as any other person who doesnt p(l)ay with money; like a kid making sand castles :slight_smile:


someone mentioned about very rare heros been only for no1 spot etc, if there are top tier heros only given out to the top performers and you cant even summon for them or they have real low odds it would push me closer to quitting because I dont want such a situation where their is either a huge paywall to get past to compete or a runaway leader/leaders who constantly get such great rewards that other players cannot keep up.

It has to be in theory possible for me to compete at the top if I am a good enough player and I grind it out over a long period of time.


My problem with things like runestones is more how they get advertised by SG beforehand. Everytime SG teases new features it’s kind like for the Ninja Tower -
“The Tower features new & exciting rules to challenge even the most advanced of our players!” And then we get something like runestones. Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t wanna complain about runestones not being a nice little addition to the game because they actually are, but things like them are a bit underwhelming if the brand new upcoming features everyone is curious about before release, are some stones you can’t move and which give buffs when combined… just groundbreaking…
Anyway, I already kind of stopped playing E&P because of the things happening the last months and made my peace in another 3-match puzzlegame, which does a lot different than SG. So I actually don’t care so much. At this point I only stay in touch with a few nice people I’ve met ingame and check the forum here and there to see if SG is offering anything in the future what makes me consider to play some more again or pack my backs for good. I’m more hanging on the community and sadly the money I invested in this game, rather than the game itself.


What about the training room, raiding alliance members etc…



Rather interesting. Instead of fixing broken/ half baked game elements and focusing more on QUALITY throughout the game, we simply add more content and heroes. Since such elements have not been well thought out in the past and have focused solely on producing frustration and revenue, I am inclined to think these will ultimately as well. Sounds good on the surface, but did not the lab and academy sound good also, as examples. There are more heroes, more horrid portals, but no improvements to making them all useful, especially when they are essentially out of reach for a good number of players. Still bothers me I have to level a season 1 hero practically twice just to make it marginally useful.

Right now I see greater time drain and little reward with the new content. Folks will have to decide how much of themselves and their wallets they are willing to give to something they inevitably will have to walk away from, entertainment factor notwithstanding.

Time will tell.

Free to zen. Namaste :smiley_cat:


Cool…more heroes. This game is soon gonna be just another hero collector game guess :man_shrugging:

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Since when was it not?

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Awesome!!! Cant wait

The worst thing about “more heroes” is we have to keep paying XX gems to increase our roster.
If they could give us an extra 50 or 100 slots, it wouldn’t be as bad at all, in my opinion


I just envisioned a new titan where a participating alliance player can only do one move… Can have a look at the board beforehand and bring the needed heroes/items… But after one move this opportunity would be passed to the next player in the queue…

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oh this is coming at a cost im sure lol…there not throwing this one out for our amusement or pleasure…i wouldn’t be surprised either at the phasing out of AR either…looks like there really looking to abandon that concept - the one event that actually helps us all…there already nocing it to thursday to saturday to reduce our abikity so…

Im expecting this to take its place in time.

To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed. Months ago, we were told that we would finally get new game modes that would allow us to interact more with our alliance members. And players have posted so many great ideas in the ideas thread. Especially wanted - for a long time - is a competition within the own alliance and the possibility to have testfights within the alliance to test the defense and to consult each other.

Sounds to me like players are not being heard again. :frowning:


Maybe i will be wrong, but I have the feeling it will be exactly like Jungle showdown at Puzzle Combat. So More or less the same like challenge event. Nothing I really want to see again…

I have mixed feelings about mythic Titans. Depending on how the distribution of rewards will end. We will see.

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It is typical of SG lately that their idea of “Awesome new ways to play with your Alliance members” turns out to be more of the same.

  • More challenge events!
  • More titans!
  • More demands on our time!

Check out the tower in Wero hars – it sounds I’m the vein; largely depends if you don’t have to start at the bottom all the time

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Heh I think more is ok as long as they don’t hamburger helper the same amount of mats over 2x the content…

It’s nice when you can skip some stuff without knowing that’s the only shot you’ll have at some small but meaningful upgrade

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So, is it awesome as promised or just another time waste?

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