New years day offer?

Happy new year to all. I cant remember if there was a special buy last year on Jan 1st. Wondering if anyone remembers what it was? Wanna try one last time for mother north and possibly the new hotm. Thanks in advance!

This offer ran on January 1 last year:

I’m not sure whether it’ll be the same offer this year, but it’s pretty likely that something will be offered.


Lol. Was hoping for something better lol. Thanks

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Cool. Hope so. Thanks again

Happy New Year! :tada:
I hope that something similar or better is offered :smiley:

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Unfortunately, the next offer I have record of from after that was on January 5, which will be after Santa’s Challenge ends.

That was this typical cyclical one:

The next offer I have record of after that was for the Challenge Event.


Hi @zephyr1, thanks for sharing and wow! This one is very tempting…and imho, looked worthwhile.


This one should pop at the same time as santas challenge finish if am not mistaken, too lazy to count the exact hours :sweat_smile: but i think it pops at 8am GMT of the first saturday of the month, and that will be the time santas summon is finished


Do we know when exactly this New Year offer will appear?

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