New resource: Building time, Hero/troop leveling, etc. Calculator app

I’ve created a android calculator app “Empires & Puzzles Calculator”. This app basicly does some handy calculations answering these questions for you:

-How much time and resources will it take me to level a hero/troop? What if I use a different level of my Training Camp/Hero academy?
-How much time and resources will it cost me to build out buildings?
-How much resources do I generate per hour/day, so how much resources can I spend?

The app is available in google play store for android. It is a work in progress, if you have any input on what to add to this app or how it can be generally improved, feel free to leave comments here.
If there is a lot of interest, I consider translating the app to apple.


I am planning on adding features in the app to calculate the chance of pulling a hero, eg
-chance of pulling specific hero
-chance of pulling hero of a certain element
-chance of pulling any 5 star hero
etc… Combined with how many pulls you do, and how much gems/coins/money this would cost.

Is there interest in these kind of information being easily calculated in an app?

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I will have a look, thanks

Maybe to get some more interest, try giving the exact name of the app so we can search for it, and/or a direct link to it?

I can’t change the original message to include it, but here is the link, hope this helps!

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Cool app thank you, now I know 216 days until I can use HA level 10

Cool, too bad it is only available on Android, is there any iOS or web version?

Unfortunately, developping for android and iOS or websites is not compatible, and making it for iOS would mean recreating the whole app from scratch, and would cost a bit to put online. I am waiting now to see if there is enough demand from the community to verify if it’s worth the effort and money to also make it available for iOS


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