Ivy Presents: Tool - how much time to level my hero?

Hey everyone, lately I’ve often found myself wondering how long it will take to get a certain hero to a certain level. So I created a spreadsheet to calculate that for me.

I’ve been using this a lot to see how strong my heroes will be for various Trials. It may also be useful for the upcoming Weekly Raid Challenges.

How to Use It

I’ve made it view only - you’ll need to save a copy to your google drive to edit it. You can then input different values. It’s pretty simple and I think self-explanatory. All you have to do is:

  1. Input the number of swords, backpacks, rugged clothes, and training camps that will be devoted to leveling your hero in the assets section.
  2. Input the starting ascension and level of your hero, as well as the desired endpoint.

Assumptions the Spreadsheet Makes

  1. The spreadsheet assumes you always have the necessary materials on hand (recruits, food, ascension items, etc.).
  2. The spreadsheet assumes you manage your training camps such that they all (the number you entered) run training camp 11 around the clock, minus whatever time it takes to use up the swords, backpacks, and clothes (i.e., it assumes you lose zero time in switching between these levels).


  • The spreadsheet is designed to tell you how long it will take to level a hero if you use only color matching training, OR if you feed your hero all colors. If you are using color matching, the result is actually the time it would take to level a full rainbow team from the starting level to the ending level.
  • The result is an AVERAGE value. It may take more or less time to train your hero if you are using color matching, if you get a good / bad run of the color you’re interested in.
  • I did not include things like daily summons, trainer heroes, heroes from running the map, etc. I’d guess that for any training that took more than a trivial amount of time those sources would be negligible. Or you could slightly adjust whatever the spreadsheet shows down a tad.

I reserved this, just in case.

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