New Foreign Language Alliance Recruitment Category

Many Forum users have asked for a better solution to non-English Alliance Recruitment posts.

Placing them into #alliance-recruitment was a bit messy, since that section, like the rest of the main portion of the Forum, has English as an official language per #forum-rules.

And, in turn, placing them into #foreign-languages wasn’t ideal, since it made for a disorganized pile of various languages AND topics all jumbled together.

A (bit better) solution

After several discussions amongst the Forum moderators and SGG Staff, a new Forum subcategory was created within #foreign-languages to house non-English Alliance Recruitment posts:


(sorry for the long and awkward Forum category link, Discourse can be a bit clumsy like that)

Using the new section

  • If you’d like to post a non-English alliance recruitment message, please do so in the new section. I encourage you to indicate the language in the post title to make it easier for people to find.

  • For Forum Regulars who’d like to help keep the Forum organized, please move non-English recruitment posts to #foreign-languages:foreign-language-alliance-recruitment instead of moving them to #foreign-languages as was the old standard.

  • For Forum users who DON’T speak multiple languages, the new category is a subcategory of #foreign-languages, so you can readily unfollow all non-Engish posts if you’d like.

  • For Forum uses who DO speak multiple languages, the new category is a subcategory of #foreign-languages, so you can readily follow all non-English posts if you’d like.

  • For players searching for an alliance, if you speak multiple languages, be sure to check out both #alliance-recruitment and #foreign-languages:foreign-language-alliance-recruitment! And if you prefer to join an alliance that speaks only or primarily your language, you can search accordingly.

No Solution is Perfect

I know there are some things about this solution that aren’t ideal — but hopefully it’ll help recruitment efforts, and help players find alliances that suit them well.

I’m personally pleased to see something put into place after a few months of discussion off and on about this.

If you have feedback on the new category, please share it here. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I really support this idea. But it would be nice to move the subcategory a bit up, like placing it directly below the main category title. And make its title a bit bigger?

Now it’s a bit hard to even notice this subcategory exists… Its name uses smaller font than topics is the main category, it looks like some kind of disclaimer you put at the very bottom of the page nobody cares about…


I don’t think the order is something that can be controlled really, but I suspect SGG’s designer might be able to change the Discourse Theme’s font size for Subcategories.

I’ll ask the Staff about it next week, thanks for pointing it out! :slight_smile:

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By the way to follow up on this: I did discuss this with the Staff, they’re planning to have the designer tweak the font size for Subcategories when they have a free moment.

A step in the right direction. I would have preferred the subcategory to be under alliance recruitment, as I would think that is where people would search first.

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