[NEW EVENT] The 1st Chapter of the Untold Tales is Here - Welcome to Mysteries of the Deep! πŸ“•

Long time no sea β€” we’re revisiting Atlantis for Untold Tales! :turtle::coral:

:date: Schedule

  • 2023-06-07T07:00:00Zβ†’2023-06-11T07:00:00Z

:new: Featuring

  • New stages
    • 28 Normal Levels
    • 28 Hard Levels
  • New Stage Property: Deep Underwater
    • Increasing negative effects happen at different stages as the Oxygen Bar empties. Oxygen is replenished via special tiles.
    • Power Nautilus Shells appear in place of Power Shards. Matched shields of each element have unique powerful effects.
  • New Mana Speed: Changing Tides
    • Mana Speed alternates between Fast and Average based on Special Skill casts
  • New Special Skill type: Evolving
    • Special Skill becomes more powerful after the first cast
  • All-new Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes!