[NEW EVENT] Carnival of Gods begins πŸŽ‰

Test your strength against divine foes in our latest Challenge Event! :performing_arts:

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  • Stage Property: Mask Carnival
    • All enemies act as members of the Masked God Family and receive the benefits of the Family Bonus β€” at the beginning of each wave, all enemies summon a Mask Minion for themselves
    • Enemies also summon a Mask Minion upon Special Skill casts
    • Mask Minion:
      • Inherits 30% health and 30% attack from its owner
      • Gives its owner +50% attack while the owner has a Mask Minion (can’t be dispelled)
      • When summoned, gives its owner immunity to all status ailments for as long as the owner has a Mask Minion (can’t be dispelled)
  • New Masked God Heroes