New Costume event too hard?


I understand that too. And the way you are writing, we can discuss this oor almost anything. W

Pompitous jogged my memory to the use of battle items. I would recoomend to anyone who gets stuck to use dragon - and bomb attacks. And to use them all together, alternating between the 2 until they are used up. A good friend recommended it when i got stuck at Knights epic 10. It always worked for me.

I personally find the Masquerade the least appealling portal along with the Tavern (season 1 is a joke and should be entirely removed, but will not happen) i don’t like old hotm or any other nostalgia hero or other costumed ones, but I’m a sucker for new ones.
Not important, but it shows we all want different things and SG shouldnt be accused of being greedy when they give us what we want - must be quite difficult considering we all want different things.

As far as the topic goes: length is fine but number of keys could or should be increased to 15. This seems to be what most folks want.

I don’t recall SG saying costumes were only for S1 - well, seems they changed their mind then

Thank for your polite reply.


10000 times well said and well-explained @Gimliv ! Thank you for taking the time to break it down and explain it… hope they actually take the time to understand and adjust :slight_smile:


Back on topic…

Definitely, especially in comparison to previous Costume events. :disappointed_relieved:

FYI… @Samantha7 If you’re tagging other players using the “@” beforehand is the way to do it… For example @sleepyhead - who, FWIW IMHO is one of the nicest fellows on the forum. :thinking: Ps. Hope for a speedy recovery for your cat


Thank you @Sarah2 , very kind of you :slight_smile:

@Samantha7 , perhaps your intentions were different but @Gimliv has explained how others might perceive your replies… one May intend something and others may have a different impression of their intent or manner. Especially on the internet where facial expressions and tone of voice cannot be seen. If you were wondering why posts of yours got flagged, I think @Gimliv has tried to help you by giving you some ideas as to why.

In any case, I also hope your cat gets better soon

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i agree thats one more reason i am quitting this cheating game

Perceive lol I complimented them and got berated.

But it’s not important.

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Sleepyhead, no, i wasn’t wonderìng why my posts were, i have a pretty good idea and am usually right (only very few posts of mine get flagged and it is always the same folks nearby, so no, i am definitely not wondering) i agree with quite a few folks and on this topic Elyaneth (i think this is how they spell their name)and Pompitous and i always make it known, so they are certainly aware of it. Oh, and i never flag posts. Not my thing.

Thanks for replying in person.

I would find it important, and you’re certainly in the right to feel annoyed about that @Pandita ! :slight_smile: hugs!


5 or 10 costume keys will have the same result…

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People keep assuming that SG intends/plans for the player count to increase. Or that they care about new players and things such as “long term” or anything involving people not spending money for short term gains.

No game lasts forever, most don’t last long (especially mobile games).

This game made alot of money and lasted a long time but it is and will continue to decline - so the best money making strategy(or at least a valid one SG are going with) is making all the cool things and release them ASAP while there still are alot of players. Yes that means insane power creep and endless offers…BUT…

This is what im looking forward to:
Eventually once most people stop playing/spending then they will stop releasing new content and put the game in auto-pilot mode - likely with inceasing discounts as time goes on. Now we have the True End EndGame. The competition finally can be equalized and it will be fun with the remaining active players - doing all the content and or slowly unlocking without worrying about power creep anymore (at least nothing huge). I think itll be fun. I am saving my currency for then.


Don’t hold your breath tho many new events and bigger better hero’s coming.

Don’t forget the rest of the limit breakers

And the new event which doesn’t look anything like Enp at all.

……… you got a while to wait.

Use 3 healers, over healers like Heimdall is better, and Boril with Mack or Ciprian, take time stop and mana potions. And they kill themselves.

This shows a very bad u nderstanding of statistics! :rofl:

I’m pretty sure they meant that 5 or 10 keys will give you a Dawa or 2 :joy:


We are up to have to use 3 healers now to beat a level?
Soon 5 healers will not be enough to beat these challenges. Thats how ridiculous things are becoming…

The problem with this game is that it doesnt matter how much money you spend on it, at the end of the day its the same gameplay.


The problem is that SG only is just trying to get people to spend money on their game. Whatever heroes you use, it all depends on the bricks you get. For the last 3 kingdoms tournament I got 8 coins, war was won by us. It’s just ridiculous that they dare to do such a thing. That will take you 2 days playing. Some in my alliance even only 4 coins. In Belgium, it is now impossible to make purchases because it encourages an unfair game with a fraudulent purchase strategy and misleads people into making purchases. It’s SG’s own fault that they ended up on this list. From now on we don’t get any serious heros, no more 5*. If they want non payers to stop then just say so.

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and @ZeMartelo

You are both wrong,

For the costume event it is not the bricks or the 3 healers that make the difference.
I finished the event without problems and no repeats with Gullinbursty, GadeirusC, Proteus, Queen of hearts and Hannah.
So one of the key abilities seems to be OVERHEAL!
Next probabely mana control and then
taunt and counterattack.

3 kingdoms gives crappy rewards with the best chance on something usefull if you are in the winning kingdom.
Umfortunately your influence on this is minimal!
So yes there is lots of improvement possible for this event. :smiley:

I’m speechless that people still think this post is about others not finishing it.

Yeah we finished it.

They doubled the hardness and time takes to finish it but did. It increase the keys.

That’s the issue.

Pushing the newer ones even farther away.

With out the essential 3* costumes they have no hope of ever competing or doing well in the tourney.

Not to mention the complete disrespect of longer playing players time and recourses.

Event takes longer we get less.

I’m :100: sure Luna didn’t have trouble finishing the event and needs your advice on who to take :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


I had troubles finishing it. My troubles where the loot was ridiculous weak, doubled my real time spent in game. Had no issue in left the game for a week or 2. Thats what they manage to do. Old players are leaving


I am not sure to whom you answered…

One of the two people I answered to expressed the opinion that 3 or more healers would be needed for this event. This seems to implicate the person had problems finishing the event and I proposed some basic guidelines how to easyer finish it. :smiley:

I have absolutely no idea how difficult it was for Luna to finish the even! :rofl: