New Costume event too hard?

The problem is that SG only is just trying to get people to spend money on their game. Whatever heroes you use, it all depends on the bricks you get. For the last 3 kingdoms tournament I got 8 coins, war was won by us. It’s just ridiculous that they dare to do such a thing. That will take you 2 days playing. Some in my alliance even only 4 coins. In Belgium, it is now impossible to make purchases because it encourages an unfair game with a fraudulent purchase strategy and misleads people into making purchases. It’s SG’s own fault that they ended up on this list. From now on we don’t get any serious heros, no more 5*. If they want non payers to stop then just say so.

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and @ZeMartelo

You are both wrong,

For the costume event it is not the bricks or the 3 healers that make the difference.
I finished the event without problems and no repeats with Gullinbursty, GadeirusC, Proteus, Queen of hearts and Hannah.
So one of the key abilities seems to be OVERHEAL!
Next probabely mana control and then
taunt and counterattack.

3 kingdoms gives crappy rewards with the best chance on something usefull if you are in the winning kingdom.
Umfortunately your influence on this is minimal!
So yes there is lots of improvement possible for this event. :smiley:

I’m speechless that people still think this post is about others not finishing it.

Yeah we finished it.

They doubled the hardness and time takes to finish it but did. It increase the keys.

That’s the issue.

Pushing the newer ones even farther away.

With out the essential 3* costumes they have no hope of ever competing or doing well in the tourney.

Not to mention the complete disrespect of longer playing players time and recourses.

Event takes longer we get less.

I’m :100: sure Luna didn’t have trouble finishing the event and needs your advice on who to take :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


I had troubles finishing it. My troubles where the loot was ridiculous weak, doubled my real time spent in game. Had no issue in left the game for a week or 2. Thats what they manage to do. Old players are leaving


I am not sure to whom you answered…

One of the two people I answered to expressed the opinion that 3 or more healers would be needed for this event. This seems to implicate the person had problems finishing the event and I proposed some basic guidelines how to easyer finish it. :smiley:

I have absolutely no idea how difficult it was for Luna to finish the even! :rofl:

Luna made the post…
My reply was to the main thread ….
The actual point of this ^^^ way up there.

To whom it may concern.

They missed the whole point of the thread…




Man loved it! Game has been running on auto for me too long. Not even challenging anymore refreshing to have to actually find time to play the stages. Didnt have a 5000 team but finished it with my way to stocked up items. Thank you