New and Need Some Advice

So I did my first 10x pull and it left me with more questions than answers. This screenshot shows all of my heroes 3 stars or above.

  1. I’m reading now that I should get a max leveled team of 3 stars before doing anything with 4 stars? Is that in order to partake in events that limit you to 3 stars?

  2. Should I start leveling my Ulmer in place of Captain of Diamonds, or wait for some other 3 star blue like Valen?

  3. Should I continue leveling Tyrum, or wait to get Balthazar?

  4. I’ve heard the three best 3 star greens are Berden, Belith, amd Brienne… since I have all of them, who should I use in place of Caedmon?

  5. Should I stick with Hawkmoon or switch to Nashgar?

  6. Should I put this team in any particular order?

  7. Is it safe for me to clear out the 3 stars I won’t use, like Jahangir or Prisca, or should I hang onto them for any reason?

  8. I shouldn’t bother leveling 2 star troops, right? How about 3 star troops?

I’m new also but from what I have learned from the forum this is my advice

You have to work with what you have

You already got Hawkmoon to Level 30 (healer) so you don’t need Belith she is a healer also
Bane is level 26

So if it was me I would use in this order from left to right

Bane, Hawkmoon, Tyrum, Brienne, Ulmer

Brienne has an + attack buff on allies, & Ulmer does a - defense buff on enemies

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The advice to make a full (rainbow) team of 3* before you start 4* is so you have a fully leveled team to play with, whether or not you ever play the Rare (3*) Events. You also need 30 fully leveled heroes to use all 6 flags in war.

3* are easier/faster to level than 4*. And a fully leveled 3* is more powerful than an unleveled or partially leveled 4*. Lastly, 4* have an ascension material cost to finally level up. See below.


  • My favorite 3* Blue is Valen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use what you have.

  • I would level Turin now (so you have a usable purple), but switch if you get Balthazar and finish Turin after; Balthazar is a great 3*

  • Berden, Belith, Brienne - Who you level first depends on what you need. Need a healer? Belith. Need a hitter? Berden. Need to increase your Attack? Brienne.

  • Hawkmoon is a healer, Nashgar a hitter. Which do you need on your team? (After I leveled Belith, I never leveled Hawkmoon, but that was me.)

  • Until you have leveled 30 heroes for war, I wouldn’t throw anyone away.

  • I have 3* troops…I level them till I get better 4* troops (but I have both). If you intend to stack (use multiple of the same color in your lineup), you will be able to use those troops.

As for lineup, yes it matters. When you are actively playing, you control your heroes, but when someone Raids you, or you use the auto play, the game AI function takes over and you’ll want to place your heroes accordingly:

  • Healers, Brienne (multiply Atk) and/or Atk/Def far left
  • Tank (most defense, hit points) in the middle
  • Be aware of the color wheel (you may wish to place color opposites next to each other so they take less damage)

Right now you have Leveled: Hawkmoon and Bane. Babe should be your strongest hero for awhile, so he should be center. Your weakest heroes should be on your wings, plus placed for their abilities:

Brienne, Hawkmoon, Bane, Tyrum, Ulmer is one possibility.

You can look these heroes up in the summon gate to see their maximum stats and determine where you will eventually place them.

Lastly, welcome to the game! You might want to glance through the Master List of E&P Links for more hints, tips, tricks, and outright tutorials on the game. :grin:


Do all healers or helth generators and dispellers like Tyrum first. They definitely help a lot to finish world levels. Healers are the key to sustain multiple mob waves without excessive use of items.

Mind this: Hitting not possible when dead. :wink:

Bane is the best holy rare imo due to his blinding and att/def stats.

Brianne is one of the best rares for the center position in the defense team. She’s totally annoying for many attackers.

Keep it up and if you got a nearly maxed 3* team, start to level your epics, too.

It’ll take a while… maybe a long while… :wink:

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