Beating a Raids

How are the Raids matched, if I am level 27 and the opponent is 40+ level how do I stand the chance. I know there is supposed to be challenge but that much difference is not okay. Is there any tips that someone can share or it is what it is.

You are matched not based on the player level, but on the trophies each player has. If I am not mistaken, the max trophy that can be won or lost would be 50 for the first matching, regardless of the level of the player and the heroes and troops leveled and/or maxed. The raider has 3 attempts to successfully defeat the enemy. If the third attempt still fails, you are forced to re-roll to search for other targets. It is advisable to win on the first match as the player will not lose trophies, but also not waste the raid flag in filling the raid chest.

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You are matched against an opponent having within +/-300 trophies.
Player level and team points have 0 influence in the matching


your player level doesnt matter, its the cups ranking

you have always the chance, there are examples of raids won by 3* heroes vs 5* teams

try to stack the color which is strong vs opposite tank, i.e. 3 or 4 heroes + the healer of other color,

dont be afraid to experiment, think about your heros special and abilities

and dont be afraid to lose

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