Need help setting up teams

First of all, I hope everyone is Safe and healthy in the current circumstances we are facing currently!

I am relatively new in this game and when I started facing difficulties leveling up and competing with my 2 and 3 star heros … I decided to summon more heros but now I am overwhelmed with the number of heros I have and cant figure out how to setup different teams properly! I need someone to guide me please. I attached screenshots of the heros I have right now. Thank you all!

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First thing to would be to select, train and ascend a rainbow 3 star team for map quests and rare events. Three stars can get you a long way. Don’t train 5 star heroes yet, I can see you’ve pulled some which is great, but start with the threes for now

Select a team. I’d say Belith . Balthazar . Azar . Bane and Gunnar. Good mix of abilities, and a healer.

Give these heroes on colour feeders (all the yellows go to Bane, all the reds to Azar etc). Train them all to first ascension, ascend them (with relatively rare materials you will find), and gradually get them all to 3/50, fully trained. Use this team to do everything for a while, then train a second team of threes. Maybe Hawkmoon Karil Berden Tyrum Kailani

After you have at least three such full teams fully trained, start your fours, like BT and Grimm who are excellent choices. To ascend these heroes to final ascension you will need materials you can’t get from normal missions but you will learn all that as you go

Five star heroes need to wait a while

Check back in after a few weeks to see how you’re going and have questions. This game is a marathon, not a sprint

Fives will wait


Don’t make the mistake I did early on and assume that heroes like Brienne are no use because they don’t do any damage - their buffs are extremely useful, although do concentrate first on the ones Infinite has suggested. And for goodness’ sake don’t eat Wu Kong. Fortunately I found this forum before I disposed of mine.

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Thanks !! Really helpful

Thanks Gorann!! Appreciate your advice

With 3 complete sets of 3* and 3 complete sets of 4* you will have

6 teams for war

A deep roster to set up good Titan teams (use several heroes of the strong colors against the Titan, leave the weak color), Titan loot is a good source for ascension mats

You are able to finish the rare quest (for the rare usually not farmable ascension mats)

Compete in challenges for ascension mats as reward

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Thanks! … and how do u advise me to combine heros for a complete team (in order for me to identify which heros I level up and add to a team and which I can feed to others)

Before you worry about combinations you need levelled heroes. The rainbow combo I have suggested is a good start

As you progress and get more levelled heroes you can start colour stacking, which is one of the keys to the game. So if you know you’re fighting a purple map boss, or a purple tank (centre hero) when raiding, you take 2 or 3 yellow heroes.

The way this works is that when you stack, the heroes add their power together for tile hits, and there is an exponential multiplier in damage with an attack value significantly higher than the defender, so your damage is greatly increased

But you can really only get good results this way with levelled heroes. This takes time. A rainbow of levelled threes firstly, should get you most places you need to be in the early game

As far as feeders, I would feed all unlevelled one and two star heroes on colour to the selected three stars you’re working on

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