Please help me clean my hero roster!

I know this gets asked quite a bit, but I’m really struggling as I came back from a long hiatus and did a lot of costume and Valhalla pulls and now I’m constantly stuck with a full roster that I can’t train new recruits. I’ve already fed away most duplicates but I’m still stuck with too many unique heroes. It’s partly because I have so many 5* dupes but I want to keep them for hero academy in the future.

I do have more than enough good 4* and 5* for wars so I guess I’m only keeping 3* and other 4* for events and tournaments? I was told to keep at 1 least of each seasonal hero, 1 of one of each costumed hero, multiples of good heroes, etc. but I just can’t handle the capacity anymore! I’ve already found myself constantly paying 200 gems to keep up with capacity and right now it’s at 179/179.

Would love your advice on which ones I can feed away to other heroes. These are all untrained (level 1) and I don’t have duplicates unless otherwise specified:

Seasonal 4*: Mack, Tettukh, Shale, Stonecleave, Almur, Danzaburo, Triton, Gobbler, Agwe, Sumitomo, Ameonna, Gafar, Jabbar, Gadeirus, Gretel, Boomer, Guardian Falcon (x2), Merlin (x2), Buddy (x3)

S1 4*: Rigard, C. Boril, Sonya, C. Skittleskull, C. Boldtusk (x2), Kelile, C. Cyprian, C. Chao, C. Caedmon, C. Colen, C. Gormek, C. Tiburtus, Li Xiu, C. Hu Tao, Melendor

Seasonal 3*: Bjorn (x2), Kvasir (x2), Jarvur, Sudri, Ei-Dunn, An-Windr, Agnes, Grevle, Nordri, By-Ulf, Morris, Gramps, Guardian Bat, Pixie, Bauchan, Melia, Arman, Hisan (x2), Rudolph (x2)

S1 3* (All costumed): Friar Tuck, Isshtak, Oberon, Prisca, Renfeld, Gan Ju, Kailani, Berden, Carver, Azar, Graymane, Karil, Belith, Dawa

I guess if you think there are any in that list above that will NOT be worth training ever then I would just discard it, and also if there are some duplicates that aren’t worth keeping please also let me know.

Oh and I also have 2 spare Wilbur and 2 spare Proteus (on top of my full levelled ones) but they are super useful heroes so I thought keeping 3 of each would be good.

Really appreciate any help I can get :slight_smile:

I suppose it depends how ruthless you want to be. Some of these heroes in my roster only get used every now and again in tournaments or the Ninja Tower etc.
I have all of these in your listing.
The ones I don’t really use because there are better include:
Shale, Stonecleave, Danzaburo, Gobbler, Agwe, Sumitomo, Jabbar, Boomer, Hu Tao, An-Winder, Guardian Bat, Friar Tuck, Prisca, Gan Ju, Graymane.
That said if you max them and take them to +20 and LB, I am sure they would be super useful- it just depends on what you want to focus on in the game
Good luck


I like to keep one of every hero there is, just for the collection as it were. However, with the s1, you’re probably going to pull them all over and over again anyway, so perhaps ditch the ones you don’t see a strong immediate use for. They’re all better for having a costume, of course, but Prisca, Graymane and Dawa are pretty unimpressive even with their costumes, I never got round to Friar Tuck, and Gan Ju hardly ever sees an outing. Oberon for very fast wars/tournaments only. The others are ok to good (Renfield quite a revelation in his costume, given how weak he is without it).

Others: bear in mind how easy they’ll be to replace if you suddenly need one! I only ever use one Hisan or Rudolph and not those very often, but others swear by them and they’re only available once a year so keep them till you’ve levelled one and see how you like them. I can strongly recommend levelling at least one Bjorn, at least one Kvasir, Grevle (an honorary 4*), Sudri, Nordri, Agnes, Pixie (absolutely love Pixie), Bauchan and Melia. Probably Gramps because he is the only 3* resser and the only resser of any rarity most of us will get a chance to own.

Re the 4*, mostly good although Danzaburo, Gobbler, Agwe, Ameonna and Boomer sit in my roster unlevelled and unloved, along with Sumitomo at 3.60. I do intend to get Gobbler up as a green minion counter is pretty useful these days. I keep event heroes because you never know if they’ll receive a buff or a niche will open up that they are perfect for, but Jabbar and aforementioned Boomer are a bit pointless. Gafar is nice but rarely used. Buddy is a useful little perisher but I doubt you’ll ever need 3. Of the rest: why have you not maxed Costume Rigard yet?!?! All the healers definitely, maybe two of whoever you use most. Sonya and Caedmon both dispel in normal form and cleanse in costume; I’ve done two of each so I can use both forms for e.g. buff tournaments. And C. Gormek has that invaluable minion eating skill. For the rest, work them up as and when time permits, with a particular shout out for C. Tiburtus.

Have you spent much on increasing your roster size? When I first came across this forum it was one of the most helpful pieces of advice I found. It’s far more worth having the space than summoning more and more heroes you don’t have the room for or the resources to level for months.


Don’t get me wrong, but what did this coast. 2k gems? 5k gems? 10k gems? And you don’t want to spend 1k more gems to keep them? Then why summon at all…

From your 4* shale and boomer are probably your 2 worst and merlin won’t see many use if you have more proteus.

Gobbler can be really helpful for minion wars or against minion defs in every war, just saying.

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Heroes I’d eat: Sumitomo, Boomer, Jabbar, An-Windr, Morris, Guardian Bat, Arman, Prisca, Gan Ju. You will never find good use for neither of these heroes unless the game changes in some unexpected way, which I don’t see happening.

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Thanks for your advice, that’s super useful. Will take that into consideration when I decide which heroes to discard!


Appreciate your comprehensive reply, definitely gives me a lot of food for thought! Yeah I think I’ve spent like 2000+ gems on increasing my roster size, not sure exactly how much but I figure it’s better to decrease my roster size since I’ll probably never get to levelling all my heroes anyway.

Oh and I don’t have costume Rigard just the regular, but I guess I never got around to him cause when I was new I maxed out Sabina first and then eventually just moved onto 5* purples. But he’s definitely in backlog to be maxed! Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

I get your point, but I mainly buy the gem special deals to try and get featured heroes or HoTM. I’ve probably spent close to 2.5k gems on increasing my roster size so I’d probably prefer to trim down useless heroes than constantly expanding my slots. Though I’m not sure what an ideal roster size is so perhaps you’re also right…

Okay thanks for your feedback, I can use that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that, it’s good to know! Appreciate your response :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same never-ending dliemma… I am down to 3 spare slots, which makes levelling my heroes… annoying. Almost as annoying as doing anything in alchemy lab.

Of your heroes I would purge the following:

  • Stonecleave, Danza, Gadeirus, Merlin x 1, Buddy x 1
  • Bjoen x 1, Hisan x 1, Rudolph x 1
  • Graymane, Morris
  • Wilbur x 1, Proteus x 1

You would like to have keep them there just in case… but trust me you are never going to touch them!

There are other heroes that can be added to that list as a cut 2 - but the above should be enough to give you a few weeks’ worth of breathing room


Thanks so much, took some of your advice and I have a bit more breathing space that’s for sure!

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The ones I would eat:

4*: shale, stonecleave, danzaburo, agwe, sumitomo, ameonna, jabbar, gadeirus, boomer, merlin ×1, buddy × 2 and hu tao

3*: jarvur, an-windr, by-ulf, Morris, Guardian bat, hisan ×2 , rudolph ×1

  • all s1 3* can be eaten if you really need space as you can get them back easily if needed. In any cases I only find belith (for the debuff in pvp), ishtak and karil (for events team) as must have.

Thanks mate, I already ate a whole bunch of the ones you mentioned based on other people’s comments but I can look at your list and probably cull a few more :slight_smile:

I have to disagree with costumed Dawa. She is the equivalent of Bjorn, who is well liked and useful against the opposite color (yellow <–> purple). I occasionally use her in 3* raid tournaments both on offense and defense.

Sorry to come back to this question (that you didn’t ask me) late, I don’t know what an ideal roster size might be and didn’t bother to track how many gems I spent, but at level 74 I have 293 slots of which I calculate 223 are currently occupied by heroes I don’t intend to eat soon. Of these, at a rough count 17 are unlevelled dupes. That’s following a recent fairly vicious cull too! (While going through to count just now I unlocked a spare Helo, figuring Frosty does most of the heavy lifting, so that’s one fewer cluttering up the place.) Loads of space for feeders now, so I can do up to two projects at a time in each colour (e.g. Devana gets the 2* and trainer feeders, Chao’s costume gets the 1*).

Fair comment. I think we’ve all got slightly different preferences. I did level Dawa once I got her costume but haven’t used her much. I actually like Arman, which definitely puts me in the minority!

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Oh that’s good to know! I ended up keeping her as I saw her costumed version seemed pretty decent.

Ah right I see, thanks for the info! Wow I’m jealous of all your slot space but you are also like 25 levels higher than me haha. I also do love that feeling of doing an audit and finding another hero to unlock! I’ve finally done a bit of a cull and now have 20 slots which gives me room for 2 projects too :slight_smile:

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From my experience Boomer was not worth emblems. I could be wrong…but then again…I could NOT BE. I ATE HIM TWICE AND I STILL DON’T REGRET IT

Agree - that’s why I said I kept him (he sits at 1/1) and I don’t use him.
I just didn’t feed my only copy away