📕 Missions – Untold Tales (Mysteries of the Deep)`

Lol ill take down one of my tc11s and try a 2 for a bit, see how it goes

Thanks @sleepyhead ! And @PlayForFun for all the great info.

I finished my bosses well ahead of the monster missions somehow so here are the levels I found to be best for the following monsters so far:

  • azure sea anemone: 2-15 - it’s 1 extra WE but there are 4 waves and 2 azure sea anemone in the final wave (plus a sailfish if you need those)
  • fishman sentinels: 1-25 - 4 waves for 6 WE, one fishman in the final boss wave
  • merman thug: 2-5 - again, 1 extra WE but there are 4 waves and 2 thugs in the final wave

Thanks for sharing @JAWS_3D :slight_smile: nice going!


Garbage reward. It’s like working an 80 hour week and getting a pat on the back from your manager.


for Azure Sea Anemones only, looks like 2-15 is best stage. 2 guaranteed in boss wave, 4 waves, average 3.33 per wave. costs 7 WE, so 2.19 per energy

compare to 1-8 and 1-20, both also have 2 guaranteed in boss wave, average 3.33 per wave, but only 3 waves. costs 6 WE, average 2 per WE

it’s very close though, so doubt the choice makes a big difference


Call me crazy, I just love a clean plate :sweat_smile:


Hello, could you post the image of the avatar that follows this one in my photo, thank you. :beers:

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That is 20 pieces of Ultrox


Sorry, my mistake… I was referring to the missing image there in the 1000

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There you go, 1000 pieces



Thank you very much for your attention

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Awesome! What is your autofarm team? or to you play it all?

And from where do you get the ham to do it? :slightly_smiling_face:

A bit of a strange question… not sure what you are doing with your ham, but for me…

I used to run two tc2 for a while, together with two tc20, so it can be done just from my farms. I run 3 tc20 and one tc2 now with no issues… and my HA10 is running at the same time.

And 3 levels of Alchemy Lab, too.


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They are doing the job great

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Nice. This my autofarm team. It has worked great almost all the time. Only lost when too many purple enemies.

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Hmmm…I am running 2xTC20, 1 TC11 and a variable TC mostly for color specific 1* and 2* heros.
Plus 3 levels Alchemy lab plus enough harpoons to keep me going plus battle mats.
I am stocking all 500k food crates to reach what I call “burst” potential. This should enable me together with use of TC 19 to level any hero I want pretty fast. Unfortunately for ftp this is slow going but pog has improved speed somewhat! :slightly_smiling_face:
Right now I am priority leveling Lord Loki so my variable TC produces blue feeders.
I would not be able to use 20k backpacks to power level a hero right now.

and where did I say I would use all of the 20k backpacks at the same time? that is a strange assumption, and nobody else made that…

of course, there would be stops and starts. why would I load up my TCs with all 20k backpacks at the same time? I won’t get 20k feeders at the same time, there’s no need to tie up that much food / recruits in my TCs…

my goodness… :thinking: :slight_smile: you seem to have interpreted what I said extremely literally re using 20k backpacks… I said I would run multiple tc2, not that I would jam them all into my TCs at once :upside_down_face: :smile: even if I were to use all four TCs at TC2, that would be quite a queue… as I said, a very odd assumption…

anyway, to remain on topic, I’m currently paused with the avatar farming so I can collect my free coins from stage completion. right now I’m at Azure Sea Anemones + Bagreg.


You’re wiping the floor with me dear @sleepyhead ! :slightly_smiling_face: Very nicely done. I tried to finish the Sailfish boss quest today so I could change my avatar ASAP. (When I get a new avatar I change it for 24 hours in celebration before going back to my usual dragon.) I was rushing as I was in a bet/challenge with an alliance member and wanted to be sure I could use it before potentially being stuck with Dolrak for a month. Luckily I won and can take my time now :wink:


wow! nicely done @Smaug_the_Golden :smiley: (and I like that “use the avatar for a day” thing… I think I will start doing that!)

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