Merc wanted for a 5* rare!

Hello, my alliance just started taking down 4* titans and then this guy pops up!

Gryphon’s misfortune is looking for help taking down this rare titan! Our doors are open, please come and help!
@Rigs @Ichigo (since you guys were asking about it)


Where my hits are normally in the 40-50 range, this guy has been giving me a tough time! Killing my wu, then Evelyn before i can even fire their specials!


Just got done with dinner, i’ll see where home alliance titan is and miiight stop by. Are you in line merc groups?

I don’t have line? Is it an app?

Yes in the app store

Gryphon’s misfortune lol

@Starryeyedgryph i dont think the timing of ours goin down will be soon enough for me to smack yours. I will keep u posted tho

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Yeah i have found it lol

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Thanks everyone! Titan down!!!


Arghh… im late :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sorry, after i posted we got a great little flurry of mercs to come help! It was amazing!

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congratulations, maybe another chance I will visit hahahaha … :yum:

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I’ll let you know next time i have a rare titan pop up!

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