Need help with 5* Queen Harpy

Hello everyone, I could use a hand with a Titan that I would rather did not escape. If anyone is able to help I’d really appreciate it. Ally name is KillaBeez, open casual alliance with no restrictions. Thanks in advance.

12 hours left and just over halfway defeated.

I wonder if it would be more helpful for you to be a part of a merc line or discord group? Tagging @Rook as this cat has her paws in lots of pies and may be able to direct you in the right direction for future titans?!

Thanks for the suggestion @Sarah2. We ended up taking down the Titan on our own, but it was our first 5* as well as first rare. Since I spent a couple of flasks I wanted to get er done. Luckily the ally pulled together and used flasks to do it. A thing of note since we’ve been quiet on chat lately (thoughts of dominating with Wu run rampant).

I did install line but had nowhere to go from there, so I’ll be sure to tag Rook in the future if I decide to ask for help again.

@QuattroGam3r my Line ID is chibipotato16.

There are many different line groups I know, so please remind me you want to be added to merc groups. :+1:

Bookmarked, thank you @Rook

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