🏡 Memento advanced buildings

@Mariamne: What daes the number under the backpack stand for?
E.g. 20 at minor health potion, etc.

It s the quantity max you could take for fight.
You could take 20 minor health potions

Example 5 of each items


Clear, thank you!
And thought for a moment, I need 5 backpacks for crafting facepalm

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Currently a level 20 farm has 116K storage capacity and 5300 PPH. Would make no sense for an advanced farm to have lower values. I think the Beta system needs some updating.

Early versions of Beta actually did decrease the storage and production amounts for Advanced Buildings vs. their Level 20 counterparts.

That was changed based on feedback from Beta testers, and later versions of Beta had different numbers.

I think the graphics have used some of the old numbers instead of the newer ones.


@Mariamne I grabbed these from the new Beta, thought they might be helpful:


I love the charts, very useful! Thank you for making these! Just one thing; in the Advanced Mine chart, it is listed as costing iron to upgrade. I just wanted to point out that the advanced mine costs food to upgrade, not iron :slight_smile:

Thanks very nice work and it explaining much things to me :heart: @Mariamne


Thanks a lot… :heart_eyes:

@Mariamne @zephyr1
Advanced Mine and Advanced Farm have different Storage and Production values in the final release:
image image

Thanks for all the work!

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Thanks, @KX47! I’m pretty sure many of the values in the images above were taken from an early version of Beta.

@Mariamne are you going to go through the new Beta to grab the updated amounts for Advanced Farms and Mines, or do you want some help with that? :cookie:

(I put the updated amounts for Advanced Iron Storage and Advanced Food Storage above.)


Documents updated and now “dated” (date last update)


Can someone send list of Items that can be produced in Hunters Lodge?
When is Alchemy lab going to be available for building?

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Here you go. :slight_smile:

🏗 Stronghold 21, Hunter's Lodge, Titan Battle Items & Advanced Buildings FAQs


Never seen a dragon on my SH. Do I have to complete ALL building levels to see it?

If you buy VIP Pass ( i mean second builder), you’ll see dragon on your SH.


Spend a few bucks each month to get ViP.


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You can upgrade freely to lvl10 of Advanced Farm, Mine etc. having the Stronghold at lvl21?

Does it stay there after or wanes (vanishes) after use?

Not buying …I can freely play to 21 to see this dragon?

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