Matchmaking in Raid Tournaments

Hi Forum,

as somebody just asked how the matchmaking in raid works, I want to know more how it works for Tournament. I continuously face opponents having much more point and TP than me (sometimes several hundred more points and about 400 more TP)…so I know that I will lose but got no option to re-roll. Does anybody know? If there is an existing thread already please merge or send me the link!

THX to all!

I assume you already read this from the master thread and still have questions?

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Well…there is still a mis-match then but I will bookmark this thread for any updates!
THX @zephyr1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think that matches what’s most recent from the Change Log here:

So if that seems to be outdated, we can ask the Staff to see if it needs to be updated.

Think I will log the matches and post the worst cases in the other thread…hope they will be recognized there. Can you close this topic my dear @zephyr1

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Closing per request of OP.

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