How is raid matchmaking working?

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As i’m new at the game, only start early june 19, I have some questions to share. Since I raid the opponent teams are always higher scored than my attacking team.

When I was in gold my team was something like 2900 points against 3300 teams. Presently, i’m playing between 2000 and 2200 cups (my best cup record is 2203). My team is around 3200 while raid system give me only 4000 opponant with full 5* maxed or full 4* maxed with emblems !

My first thought is how is possible that they’re so low on rating which such teams ? They’re not AFK account since they revenge on me and last activity can be checked.

Second is, presently, I’m ranked around 300 thousand, means there is something like 400 000 person around me. Matchmaking should find team close to mine but it is not the case. So is this system work ?

To be honnest is a bit a pain is the ■■■ to fight full max team with 3/60 heroes. If the board is not good i’m already out.

Your questions perfectly sums up what many of us are wondering as well. I’ve had more success in raids by rerolling to find more suitable matches 30-25 cups or there about are easier to win by running 2-1-1-1 on tank. Basically raiding becomes easier when you change the way you PREPARE for each and every match. If you attack with your defence team your doing it wrong already. Hope that helps!

Hy there, there are lots of threads on this subject on the forum, so a bit of research would answer most of your questions in no time. Anyway, here’s how the raid system works in a few words.

Matching is made based exclusively on the number of cups, it has nothing to do with your team power. The algorithm will pick for you an opponent that has a number of cups somewhere in the range of +300 to - 300 cups. You can choose to fight your match or to pay the needed ham to re-roll. Even if in the beginning it seems to be prohibitive, as you advance in the game, re-rolling ham amount becomes spare change… When you choose to fight an enemy, his team power is also pretty insignificant. What matters most is the heroes he has, how their special skills work together, the color of the tank and the positioning of the heroes in the field. Stacking three or more strong color heroes against the tank combined with a good board will allow you to win against what seems at first sight impossible odds. As you climb the cup ladder, the higher you get, the more attention you attract from the strong players around you, as they become higher and higher competitive and your defense is easy prey for them. This lead to “the higher you climb, the faster and the deeper you fall”. No defense team can withstand the top 100 players attacks so the hierarchy keeps changing continuously, no player, no matter how strong or how lucky, can break away from the bulk, or keep a top position for more than a few minutes.

I hope this sheds some light on the matter for you, and as a friendly piece of advice, don’t take raiding too seriously, your defense will never be good enough to hold your gained cups, no matter what you do. Try to enjoy it rather than get frustrated by it, or better quit raiding.


Raiding tends to be frustrating at first until you develop the bench strength to be able to mix and match your heroes to best complement each other and also minimize the opponent’s specials. There are threads available here that discuss raiding strategies that you should look into.


@Ziel05, you may find this helpful. This is part 1

Raiding in the Top 1000, Pt. 1

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