Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

Hmm. I found hers easier to follow (English, etc), and the purpose of the Links is to help new players after all.

I can however note yours as the earlier version under the languages section. Let me know!

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You should add @madmarv 's spreadsheet, since it has the same info as mine, but it’s the phone-friendly version.

This spreadsheet is a work in progress. As more data is collected, the information on this spreadsheet can and will change:


Added to favorites, recommended, loved.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Added. :slight_smile: :+1:

Perhaps maps and craft list


I suggest to add this:

and this:


if this aint added, should be New! All Updated Hero Rosters

and Rook, great job! you are making things easier for me later on :wink:

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Here is @Rilf summary of classes and skill trees

Also this one

If you click Mariamne’s Classes link, she includes a link to Rilf’s spreadsheet; it’s included. I want to add Kamikaze Assassin’s sheet to this page also. :slight_smile:


Caught up to this point. :wink:

The list is starting to look unwieldy to me. Any suggestions for organization will be happily considered.

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Maybe sections for map/farming, raids, wars, titans, rare quests, seasonal events, challenge events, and general tips? That’s how I’ve broken down the channels on our Discord server, and it works nicely.


In what order (I’m thinking of the new player, looking desperately for help)?

Right now it would be:

  • Forum Rules
  • Game Rules
  • v18 (Classes/Talents)
  • map/Farming
  • Raids
  • Titans
  • Wars
  • Rare Quests
  • Challenge Events
  • Seasonal Events
  • General tips
  • Fun Stuff
  • News

Classes/Talents category is at the top because it is brand new and everyone will want to go there quickly.

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That order seems logical to me.

the new player will be so braindamaged from the new stuff and the data volume the forum has that he will need at least a week to get into the rythm.

imo you should organize it how you would use it when needed, meaning the ussual stuff first (rares***), the unusuall second (epics****) and the "once-upon-a-time"last (legendary***** :wink: ); and im just refering to the non-news-forum rules-fun stuff

my order in a quick peek:

  1. things about forum etc etc that needs to be put first which i would put last
  • forum rules
  • game rules
  • news (this has to be up all the time - so i take it back;) )
  • old released versions readmefirst
  • v18(class/tallents) - this should be later moved to “the old stuff the seasoned player know”
  1. day to day stuff
  • map/farming/regular quests
  • titans
  • wars
  • raids
  1. what we wait for
  • rare quests
  • challenge quests
  • event quest
  • seasonal quest
  1. why do we play for
  • rewards and brag
  1. chillout
  • fun stuff
  1. the old stuff the seasoned player know
  • new player guides
  • general stuff
  1. languages etc + “baggage”

REMINDER TO SELF: Add items from post #51 (sorry I missed it).


another interesting topic E & P - Guinness Book of World Records

finished, can be added 🧭 Matrix Guide for battle items needed to be crafted for Titans and Events - not to waste and prioritise ingredients

also this could help: Map Loot (increased chance of finding) and Craft List

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This list should definitely be pinned, no? :slight_smile:

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