[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2023 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

I will do 1x10 too because i have enough saved and I have never done any pulls during BF before so I will see how good/bad I do.

Does BF usually have a buy X gems/deal teammates get X gems?

Usually not, maybe last solstice there was something on Web store? Not sure though. Most of BF offers are crap.

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I’ll prolly do a 30x pull (for the first time in my entire 6+ years of playing this game. LOL!)… But I will need to top up a bit. I don’t have high hopes though… Though there are about 390 5* heroes and the chances of getting them is still low.

I know the odds are better… But still is of begging crap 5* is way too high for me. I’m out… Y’all have fun.


But, but, but, it seems not worth it at all if you pull a very old 5* hero (event hero, S2, S3, S4 hero, old HOTMs) WITHOUT a costume.


It feels like SG could drive a lot more bonuses if they included even some costumes (e.g. even costumes that were themselves, say, at least a year old?)

But then another consideration, as @Nightmare2048 pointed out on another thread is that with the insane rate of hero release, that an increasing fraction of the zoo of rando 5* is actually more recent….

Hm, let’s see, working from the current OP of this thread and grouping some chunks of 5*…

New challenge events: 51
Untold Tales: 10
Tower events: 37
Musketeers: 9
Clash of Knights (new releases): 4
Journey heroes: 6
Covenant: 25
Super elemental: 15
Goblin: 7
(and seperately,new this portal: 2)

I’m not saying all these are desirable, desirable to all, or that these are the only desirable 5*, just a very rough grouping of new-ish/not costumed heroes

which is 164ish out of 387ish or a bit over 40% of the heroes.


0.2% chance of the new BF heroes
40% of the 3.6% add’l chance is 1.4-1.5%

So basically a total 1.6 to 1.7% chance of a “newish” 5*, depending on your definition of “newish” and how you round.

(I’m only considering 5* here, obviously, and folks will value these differently depending on their existing rosters.)

So… is that “better enough” compared to the chance of something new from a bog-standard portal, powered by, say, roughly USD1 per pull coins?

That’s the question for any given individual, I suppose.


I’ve been disappointed enough in other portals, that I basically just collect gems for Black Friday and Summer Solstice now. (keeping in mind, I also have to save gems for roster space lol). at least I have a fairly good chance of getting someone new. (not necessarily good, but at least new…)

Last 30-pull, a little over half were dupes, if I remember right. I got two 5* plus the HOTM. let’s see how this one goes…


When this portal is supposed to get started? I thought this morning but can’t see it on my game

Here is the schedule in the begining of the first post.
It will start tomorrow.

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Oh wait some calendars show 11/20 while others 11/21. So event must have been moved for tomorrow?

The official calendar had updated the Black Friday event to 11/21/2023:

Black Friday Summon Event added.


Alright then. My calendar still showed for today. Thanks

I implore the gods of hero summons to hear my plight and bestow Frog Prince upon me


Last year I did a 30x pull and the best I got was the HotM :melting_face: Still will do a 10x pull this year.


I am also planning to do 2*10 pulls.
Based on the odds I am expecting about 4 new heroes into my rooster.


this portal will be great and desirable if is 5* heroes in that is out only from last BF portal not older ones

good luck!.. not close to do x30 instead?

i feel it is better to do 30 personally.
for me in BF and SS are the ones i use gems on (30 or nothing)

No, I am just above 6k gems.

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I might do a ten pull for prosperity, but, my issue is that I am generally hunting specific heroes so anything I get will likely be a feeder, or not someone that I am aiming for.

That being said though, I wish all of those who do pull the best of luck and that you get something that will add value to your roster! :heart_eyes: