[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2022 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

Twice every year, the Solstice summon works exactly like the Black Friday summon :wink:
I do the same since they announced the Solstice summon. I save my gems all year long and I spend it only on these two summon events. As a VC2P, I get mostly new heroes :smiley:


I use that rat fella in the 3 star raids, he actually does pretty well.

That’s good to know, but I’m guessing I probably didn’t need a second one — the only non-duplicate in that summon was Carol who… might be okay in a specific range of Tower levels (high enough level to decrease effect duration to make her bomb go off fast, not so high level that a 4* hero has the life expectancy of a chocolate kettle on a hot stove) but that is a pretty narrow use case

Day Six


My unlucky account annoys me more than y’all could ever know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The feature one is not 2.5%. I think you are beating the odds this time. Congrats!

In the collective event total (excluding bonus) the total is 2.5%

Dropping it down to just featured? yes, I’m beating odds (but only slightly, as I’ve done a total of 440 pulls in BF total, and one is expected every 500)

Non-featured? I’m currently about eight 5* below odds.

So do I consider myself lucky?

Lol, hell no.

But I at least know I’m not the unluckiest of all. Some only pull dupes, and some never pull any 5*. However, most have much better results than I.

Day Seven

The final 30…

Not bad, considering I had planned to use a few coins after her in S5. Lol glad I did this 30 first :sweat_smile::rofl: Pretty pumped to have her, tbh! Needed a red, too :heart_eyes: and allows me to save most coins still for Hathor :grin::crossed_fingers:

Well, least this BF was better than last year (but that bar was so low, it would’ve been tough not to beat)

Totaling it up:

This BF

210 pulls: three event 5* - 1.4% drop (vs five expected @ 2.5% drop)

All BF

440 pulls: four event 5* - 0.9% drop (vs 11 expected @ 2.5% drop)

All 2.5% Portals

2167 pulls: 34 event 5* - 1.6% drop (vs 55 expected @ 2.5% drop)

Seems I won’t be meeting odds anytime soon :sweat_smile:


Re the 2.5% for all summons made, does the 55 include S1 5* summoned?

The 2.5% odds includes S1 odds; odds for event heroes ranges from 1% to 1.5%, including featured.

Just wanted to share, hope everyone got something good.

Almost 20 5* been a great early Xmas!


Yes, if they’re in a 2.5% portal like Covenant of Champions or Contest of Elements, because there, they share odds with event 5*

The rest of the 2.5% portals do not have S1, though (Costume Chamber, BF/Solstice, Challenge Festivals 1&2)

I am not talking about normal portals that have S1 typically though. As those have their own drops. So like S2-5 are 1.6% portals. Tavern of Legends, 1.9%. Challenge Events and Towers, 1.0%

(As bonus do not apply either)

So in essence: portals with a 2.5% shot at an event 5*

(And the 55 you mentioned from my post is what I should’ve expected given odds, not what I received)

congrats for everyone who got what they want from BF!! i saved the whole year for this and it ended with frustration!! i don’t mind one 5* to drop for me but to get none that’s just nonsense

CC is only S1 heroes.

What would be your overall tally be if you had included in S1 5*? Or did you not monitor all your summons.

I ask out of curiosity cos I have kept tabs on all my summons since 15/12/2022.

Yeah, but with costume, so that’s an event 5*, not normal S1, in my book (aka a positive result vs a negative one). Plain S1 5* are hardly better than 4*/3* at this point. Plus, they have separate odds. Similar in that way as HOTM.

I only track positive results this diligently. I do keep tally on how many S1/HOTM I obtain total throughout the month, but not as thoroughly as event 5*, as honestly, I don’t care about em enough to know whether I’m above or below stated odds there :sweat_smile:

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Hello everyone !

It seems SG keeps giving out free stuff:

The site is same as the BF offer site:


To get interested players checking the web store daily. And then hopefully buy something.

As far as they give free stuff daily for having a look i´m very fine with that! :smiley:

It seems there will be weekly free gift giveaway:

I have the reverse problem. 5 stars from gems but nothing from coins.

Valentine’s day sale, how many days is it in the store and how many can each player buy?

It looks like only 1 gem offer. But there have been weekly offers with random items, and a free item on day 7.

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