Margaret – New May 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Let’s also see what Anchor thinks about the beta changes. I forgot about the damage reduction by Sif, that makes choosing between her and Margaret for who gets the emblems harder again… :wink:

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I think I’ll try her out once they add the direct damage. This is exactly what I need to make my green trio of Evelyn, Lianna and Kingston to reliably kill emblemed 5* heroes with one shot. Now I use my Telluria for that extra kick.

It’s almost they seem to say, well sorry about re-balancing Telly and Vela, here, have some improvements to other heroes. I’m not complaining because I have most of them collecting dust on the big bench for useless heroes… :slight_smile:

I used Margaret at 60 on sixth flag of war a couple of times last year, and one time she didn’t even screw the pooch. A hero before her time. Been thinking of taking her to 70 now for the same purpose (likewise Obakan). Now that I’ve got spare mats. With the announced buff in beta, will definitely do it. At very fast, Margaret really wants a mana troop, and those provide attack over defense, so it’s nice that she get some damage to complete the package. She can be a real time buyer in a green stack while waiting for that next match, and her damage can make the difference on the coming kill if you can predict where it will matter. If this change comes through, it might make the Atlantis 10 pull where I got her together with ten 3* the best Atlantis 10 pull I had.

I’m going home from my work, I stopped at “Sif” to reply:

you are a lucky one and you should give her emblems!

I’ll read the rest at home as now I’m in my car :wink:

Now, Sif is a really great hero and you should really whink about empower her!
Here you can see a very good summary of her abilities and… she is really beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

Having both mana generation boost and damage reduction would greatly help her and her nearby allies to survive hits and charge their specials :slight_smile:

Thanks for making this choice harder! :wink: Just kidding, it’s a luxury problem of course, I can max both Sif and Margaret, I just would think that Sif’s special and class talent do have bad synergy, as Wormwood points out

I think the Sif class is the best synergy she could have.
Dodge and Dodge and more chance tu survive to make her partners better.

So now the next round of beta saw another improvement to Margaret, and increase of her dodge chance from 20 to 30%. Now we all (should) know that beta changes are notoriously fickle and don’t predict the release with any certainty, but I think it’s encouraging to see that they haven’t changed the added damage factor in all four rounds of beta up until now. Also, the poll on her planned changes show that the majority finds the changes “just right”, so if they take these polls into account, it may also give a good chance on having her re-balanced at least with the added damage! Keeping fingers crossed here…

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Yeah I’m kinda excited about her. I love inari and when they dodge @ very fast. The damage up + 30% might seal the deal for me.

Do I understand it right, that there would be 30% dodge against Guin mana steal? And around 40% for Tell mana down?

I don’t know how it works 1/1, but would make sense a lower dodge for dots and stuff. Makes it less op & very fast imo. At the same time up to 90% like on a fully emblemed costume joon…I think I’d take that.

I still think she depends on your roster though. Not a number 1 hero but more of a piece.

It seems that margaret cant dodge skills which dont do dmg, like guineveres and proteus.

Against telluria margaret would have at least 30% chance to dodge the dmg and the mana generation reduction.

Here you can find more information:

She can only dodge damage

Good info.

20 characters

Does anyone have Margaret’s stats at 3/70? My Margaret has been sitting at 2/60 since May 2019 and I think it’s finally time I bring her to 3/70 now that I have plenty of sturdy shields.

I just brought mine to 3/70 yesterday

attack : 691
def : 545
hp: 1059


I hope they buff her by adding in an extra skill that deals extra damage to ice, then buff a little on Def. There, a support green gravemaker that deals pure damage

Here’s mine at 3/70:


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