🏅 [Mar 1, 2020] 45th Raid Tournament! — 5* Buff Booster, No Ice/Blue

going with this. only other option is Margaret. i guess i could drop Aeron for her but, I like Aeron’s heal and ailment shield…

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It’s interesting thinking…

I agree with @zephyr1 that it’s relying on timing a bit too much, and you’re kinda relying on the attacker not getting one or other of your hitters out there early doors.

I think in practice it’s just not going to play the percentages enough… Fingers crossed it proves me wrong.


I can replace vivica with Azlar. That would disincentivize the purple stack.

I have Sartana, Quintos and costumed Rigard but I am not impressed by any of them on defense. I put my emblems in Isarnia so my Sartana is sort of weak.

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the one time a year Margaret isn’t useless. You absolutely have to use her.

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This is a question that I should know. Are minions counted as buffs? I am short of a lot of the high buff reds but was wondering about Red Hood. What would count as a buff

No, buffs are positive status effects.

Minions aren’t status effects at all.

There’s a full list of buffs here: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

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Many thanks…knew there was a list somewhere!

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Maybe this is the beginning of a new cycle. It had to change eventually because the 2* was removed right?

We haven’t gotten back to when the 2* Tournament would have been to begin with, so it’s probably unrelated to that.

It may just be that the 32 week cycle has variations, so it eventually covers all color restrictions combinations — there are 54 possible formats, so a repeating 32-week cycle would omit some of the combinations.

It’s also possible they’ve changed to a longer cycle, or that they decided to alter certain specific weeks in the cycle like this one.

We really have no way to know at the moment.

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This is what I came up with after giving 5 minutes thought…
Any ideas?

-GC removes Vivica’s debuff so I placed her to the right.

buff booster no blue team 01

I guess it depends upon the roster but how is Margaret good in this? Yes she gives buffs but the color that’s weak against her is banned and she will face a lot of red opposition. She does give a shield towards red but Gravemaker doesn’t really care about that and should charge before her.

Personally I dread Aeron more since I quite often run with Zeline, Gravemaker and Hel. Aeron disrupts a lot of that. He actually was my nemesis in my best run ever in the 5* tournament that was very fast. (Think I ended like 46th with 23-2) Well this one isn’t that tournament but for some teams he isn’t as bad as some say he is while Margaret is top 3 worst of all 5* in the game. I would probably crush the Margaret team while struggle a bit more with the Aeron team.


As for the tournament I may go with this. Weaknesses? A bit tipsy atm so may make a bad call and no Black Knight so not an option.

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All good points and normally she doesn’t have a real use case.

That said, heroes on defense are color blind when they do their normal hit damage or special skill damage.

Specifically for this tournament, her unusual dodge buff doubles as an attack buff. Plus she is very fast meaning it should go off rather early in the fight. Hence, why I figured this is the one time to use her.


Why not use a red tank in a tournament with no blues?

Would love a suggestion myself. I can either go heavy red, or more balanced. I’ll thinking 4/1 red because I love Rigard, but I do have a Kelile +12 I could use instead, or go more even.

In fact I have Grazul and Ares options, but depending on attacker’s ability/inability to take down GC before it initiates would be a switch…
Because it’s a tempting target for a red stack but, they will be stripped of all disp&undisp buffs, my whole team will get 2x attack buffs, the enemy reds will turn green :D, can’t help myself but gigle while imagining what I just wrote…

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yeah chameleon is the one hero I would most like to have in this game. I replayed the challenge event levels against him with multiple lineups just for the heck of it.

Still not sure he would survive more than a handful of red tiles though? why not stick him on the wing? he will still go off eventually.

then it has to be left flank with Vivi as tank :thinking:

I believe I will run this setup. Anyone have any thoughts on making JF tank instead of Queen? At +18 he is 812 / 798 / 1440. Queen is 672 / 819 / 1663. Obviously Queen is more tanky, but I would like to get JF’s burn damage and 2 buffs active quickly.

Also, I have an unemblemed maxed Grazul that I could put in the lineup for another red, but don’t think her buff/heal is worth forgoing the damage of one of the others.

I would consider removing quintos because the battle is often over before he goes off and sticking Grazul at center because she will go off 2 or 3 times before dying. Her status ailment blocker will also be a sweet attack buff.

The obvious drawback would be that you would have two healers and less damage. But it would be confusing on how to best lineup against you, whether to purple or not.

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I think there should be a disclaimer on JF saying that he does no damage if the person attacking has grazul or any hero with cure status ailment.

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