Emblems on malosi or kage?

I am trying to decide weather to put emblems on malosi or kage. Both are very fast, kage would probably deal more damage but I could see myself using malosi a bunch offensively to shut down telly and the like. What have others done, and what are your opinios?

I already had Kage at +16 before I got Malosi.
As a sniper Kage needs every extra damage he can get. Putting the emblems on him is worth it imo. Though you need another (prefereably purple) sniper in your team to finish them off.
I find Malosi rather average. 300% damage isn’t much for a sniper. The extra feat is nice, but he got that without emblems too.
As a rule of thumb I go by: No need to shut them down if they’re dead. And Kage can pull off a 2-hit kill with another sniper against many heroes, while Malosi can’t.

Kage 100%.

Malosi is good at 3/70 as his use is to basically silence an enemies aliments of buffs. His damage isn’t much for a sniper and he is quite squishy.

Kage because he dispels first and then deals damage and can be a threat if the rest of your defense has decent AoE damage or hard hitters. That and kage rewards you for hitting enemies above 50% hp. Malosi only rewards you for picking between the lesser of two evils (GM or Vela)

Thanks for the advice. I will be throwing my emblems on kage!!

Your point about the ability to kill with kage over malosi is great. Thanks for the advice

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