Loot and storage, fact or myth?

You can notice it if you compare a new account/mid account loot with an older one.
Once you start upgrading your storage you will receive more food / iron from monster chest / Raid chest.

higher storage has a notable effect

This is a response to my post in a different thread. If you read carefully you will see BWH basically told me to search for myself because he was too lazy (I :heart: Barry Farmz, no lazy person would do the kind of work he does, but he didn’t answer my question).

I looked for hours, I found references to the myth dating back almost 3 years, but no data cashes, no statistical analysis.

I have an alt collecting dust. I will cup drop my main to bronze arena and compare.

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Twenty characters of that’s totally what I’m saying, man.

I thought it was related to other fact like SH level, Player level or team power. But that makes sense.

Last: Mosnter chest: 63k food 77 K iron.
Hero chest are between 110K- 130K I´ll post it as soon I fill one. 108k food 128k iron (platinum)

Food max: 2173K
Iron max: 2335K