What is XP good for?

For those who still believe XP is worthless:

Loot averages - food:
Heroes chests:
lvl13 - 2K
lvl18 - 7K
lvl20 - 13K
lvl34 - 32K
lvl36 - 75K
lvl37 - 85K
lvl38 - 88K
lvl39 - 90K
lvl40 - 92K

monster chests:
lvl 7-9 - 1K
lvl 10-12 - 3K
lvl15 - 6K
lvl16 - 8K
lvl17 - 10K
lvl19 - 12K
lvl20 - 16K
lvl33 - 24K
lvl34 - 29K
lvl35 - 33K
lvl36 - 41K
lvl38 - 42K
lvl39 - 46K
lvl40 - 60K

Titan chests works the same but there the data is insufficient.
Titan loot too, even if you hit just once or titan escapes, still, the loot is heavily afflicted by your current level.
I do not show iron here since it works the same way only the values are higher.


I thought food loot has to do with the lvl of your storages?
I think the best benefit is the xtra world energy, I am at 41 now.


Yeah, of course. The more energy you have the more you can play, the faster you can level your heroes. On my alternative account I am saving all world energy flasks and I will only use them after I reach level 40 at least.

Lvl 51 - 110-120k food


Guess that it is a monster chest stat?

Yes, but i found also just 50-60k ):