Looking for some active team members to help out team grow

Jokers disciples is looking for some new members because of inactive members. We would love to have a few players join us and help us get past our plateau . we are super active. Some of us play 3 to 5 times a day. So come on and come join our friendly active laid back alliance we are fighting 5 and six star titans 7 star a couple times

What level of Titans and average cups do you have? Best to let everyone know so they can see if it fits their level

We are fighting 5 and 6 star titans

I think I would be a good fit for your alliance if you are still looking for members. I do have one request though. Can you give me a couple days to join. My alliance is 1 point away from a war chest. Since I have 100% participation I hate to miss out. We have a war tomorrow. Iā€™m just tired of trying to beat titans with only 5 to 7 active players.
Thanks for the consideration, let me know.

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We would love to have you leedo

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