Looking for New Home for 5 to maybe 7 or 8

Hello Everyone,

I am currently co-leader of Narcissistic Injury. A lot of us have been together 2+ years, but over the last few months our alliance has gone pretty stale. Over the last couple weeks our leader has been more absent, and actually now hasnt even been in the game for over a week and is not responding on Discord.

We currently have 12 members total, only 9 are signed up for wars. We can take down 7* titans when we are getting our hits in. Our defenses are 4200-4600 for war. A few of us have gotten frustrated enough with our leader being absent that we are looking for a new home.

Competition is not our main priority. We certainly like to win, but we all acknowledge that real life comes first. Most are pretty good at communicating any known absences and we usually get all of our war hits in. We would like to stick together if we can because we have built relationships over the years.

I personally would like to benefit from taking on stronger titans because I could really use the ascension mats.

A good home for us would be a friendly group that is laid back and does not have a strict war attack strategy. We have no problem using a common tank (we currently use blue now), but we usually get our war hits in when it works for our schedules. I would say 4-5 of us can one shot with most of our flags, and that is usually what we try and we communicate our wipes.

I am not sure how many would for sure leave. I imagine 5 of us at minimum and others might give up on game or find other homes.

If you have a spot for us in your alliance and think we could be a good fit, please let me know! I would like to think we could facilitate a transfer before the next war matchmaking if there is a good fit.


Check us out at Misery Loves E&P, we are pretty chill at 19 members. We stress using all war flags, Period. Green tank 60% of the time and change it up a little once in a while. FFA wars. We are a little more relax on titan hits but we kill 10/11* with this group. Lots of trash talk also. Hit me up on line at Sendo.X if you have question.

Pearl of the Orient Seas is 23 strong. Previous members are on a looong vacation. We are laid back, hit 10* titans, use war flags on the 2nd half of the war and recognize that real life is a priority.

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Seef824, the correct fit is very important to us. A good merger benefits all.

I belong to an alliance in the Titans Family Group, [TFG]. We may have a good fit for you and your friends. We predominantly use Line. My Line ID is jackspratnml, and I would welcome an opportunity to discuss a merger with you and some [TFG] leadership.

I wish you the best of luck on your path forward.

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We’re currently looking for at least 4 members, but I can make room for 5 no problem. We take down 12* titans easily (We cap it there, makes it stress free)

No strict war strat at all, and we change tank colour every month just to make it interesting.

I’d love to have some of you guys on board. If we sound like what you’re looking for, We’re call the Chicken Shack. I am also on Line if some of you guys use that and would like to know more details. - LineID is AKAxNYTROx

Hopefully will hear from you soon

Not sure if you’re looking for a small alliance or what, but we just left an alliance to set up a new one, we were 6 but there’s a couple more now. Close knit but not overly competitive. Hit in war when you want, but we do try to keep coordinated tanks (based on alliance suggestions).

It’s not going to be like some of the alliances advertised here, we don’t have line/discord, we just use the alliance chat. But we have good banter and enjoy ourselves, and it would be cool to have a minor merge. Send someone to scout it out if it sounds interesting: The Shadow Senate.

Hope to see you soon/Montief

Please consider [Helios] Dragons. Aedoniel is a great guy. 10-11* titans right now.

Thank you all for the quick responses! I had no idea there would be this many great opportunities. Let me chat with my crew and see if we can find a home that works.

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We have room and would really love to have you. Helpful, love discussing the game and hitting 9 star titans.

Give De Raptors a try. I’ll welcome you all personally!!



Hi Seef

Your crew would fit perfectly in Trinity: Ascended.
We are part of Trinity family, group of 4 alliances.
Ascended is semi-competitive group taking 10-12* titans, depending how full we are.
On weekends we fight in waves, and on weekday is FFA. So timezones aren’t an issue, we are global bunch.
Basically there’s 2 rules; be nice, and be active. Teamwork is what drives us.
Search us by “TF” in alliance search bar if you are interested.

If you haven’t decided yet, I’ll throw our hat in the ring.

You seem to be similar to ours and we have 13 empty spaces. We usually hover around the 8* titan mark with the odd 7 or 9 depending on the titan. Based on what you are saying, we could probably make it 9 or 10 as a regular titan.

We don’t have any strict war attack strategy, nor do we use a common tank. I’ll post in discord if we’re close to resets, or if there are weak teams to clean up, but that’s to the extent of the coordination.

Anyway, check us out at Darkest Hyrule.

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My previous alliance is named Winter Phoenix. They now have 6 available slots. Maybe they can free more for you, I don’t know. You can take a look.

I think their atmosphere might fit you.

Still 12 spaces open at Technicolor Minds
Most of my alliance mates are long time members that will likely hit 2.5 years soon
Casual Alliance not really competing for top alliance
Currently taking down 7* - 9* Titans, but when we were more full, we have taken 11*
War Optional, all war flags are encouraged to be used
Loose War Strategy
Line is available with the goat, but optional as most chatting activities happen in-game
Trying to be not too strict on rule enforcement / boot because RL happens

Come check us out, we would welcome lots of new bloods, but understand some members needs may be different than others and can accept all or just part of your crew, as you might see fit.

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Hi there! :slight_smile:

Mountaineer WV has 6 spots opened. As long as you hit titans daily (10-11* atm) and use war flags if opted in - we are good. Hack, we could even be friends. Coordinated tanks, and a little bit of farming weaker teams in the first half-time of wars. Not too demanding strategy. We use Discord, but it’s not mandatory. In essence, we just encourage people to play the game the best they can and know, to be friendly and respectful and hopefully we can have some fun along the way.

Can Line me as well, id: slobix

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @Seef824

I think we’d have enough room for most of those looking to leave in Cemetery Seeds.

Current cap is 10* titans. With a full roster we’d cap at 12* most likely.

All flags used, all the time. Daily active players.
Dedicated leadership… me! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:

Global Titan Slayers would be a great fit…most of us 2-3 year members, use all hits unless RL interferes but are pretty laid back…check us out!

Just hit that link above and let’s have a chat. Our west of the equator sounds perfect for you. At the very least if you dont join us you can have access to our knowledge seeker channels.

Hello Seef,

I am the leader of the Locker, an international alliance whose core has been together for 3+ years.

We normally kill 10/11* titans but due to personnel loss we have had to step down to 9*. We do encourage all to hit the titan but understand that r/l doesn’t always cooperate.

Our war strategy is flexible and time zone friendly, doing rotating tanks. The group seems to enjoy this more than a set color because you get to utilize more of your roster. The hard rule for wars is all flags must be used, repeat offenses are not tolerated.

We do use Line but it is not mandatory, all necessary information is relayed via alliance message.

I have 6 open spots open right now and could expand to 7 or 8 if needed.

I would definitely like to hear from you, my most successful recruitment has been small groups of friends wanting to stay together. I can be contacted via line at wolfwarrior66 if you have any questions.


Wow, thank you everyone for the great responses. I said it before, but I have to say it again, I did not expect to get this many quick responses. It is great to see there are that many of you willing to help us out.

After chatting with my crew throughout yesterday, we did settle on a new home. We are super excited to have a new spot and crew to learn from and grow relationships.

Thanks again everyone!


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