Looking for new Alliance members or Merger!

We are a small Alliance, with a mix of F2P and C2P members, looking for a Merger or new members.

All skill and player levels welcome!

We have experienced players who are always willing to give advice and share their expertise!

Come and join us or contact me via Line in you are interested in a merger: szentin

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@JGE not sure if you were still looking at mergers?

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I can make room for all of you at Elvenar. We are casual but do have some rules to make it fair for all. Use your attacks in war if you opt in. We do currently run purple tanks in war but reevaluate upon request. If you miss a titan here and there we don’t make a big deal of it. We can be chatty but you don’t have to be. Everybody speaks English but it is an international alliance. We have players from level 41 to 86. We hit 10 and 11 star titans. I’d guess we’d be able to reliably hit 12 stars with your addition. We do have line but it’s not required. It just makes it easier to give or get advice.


Please check Always Room for Jell-O.

We are sorted as of today. But many thanks for the prompt

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Hi. Line Id Nonot.29
Hope to hear from you

Appreciate all the offers! We have arranged to merger with an alliance.

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