VERITAS seeking Heroes

VERITAS is looking for some solid players to rebuild our alliance. We had several members leave for top alliances which is awesome for them but kinda sucked for us LOL Anyway, we are a friendly, helpful group taking down 7* with the 18-20 of us still around. We were hitting 9-10* b fore the exodus! Come join us and stay a while.

I would like to join you today at 18:00 hours. Name is Pois1, level 27, 1700-1800 cups usually.

Thanks for joining us Pois! You’ll be a great addition to our team.

Everyone else, we still have a number of spots available for active players :slight_smile:

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We are looking for a couple new members to join our crew at Veritas. We are taking down 8 and 9* titans and would love your help in bringing down even tougher ones. We are still a laid back, mature, drama-free zone of people who just want to keep getting better at the game and help others improve as well. We have the awesome community contributor Pois on our team who always has excellent advice and Xlarge who is just amazing at helping people formulate a team for maximum damage (he routinely gets 40k+ hits on up to 70k!!!). Come check us out and stay a while, if you like!

Veritas is seeking heroes to take down 8 and 9* titans. Must be an active, consistent hitter; mature with a no-drama attitude. We have some incredibly talented team members including the awesome community contributor Pois1 and heavy hitter and strategy developer XLarge - we are a friendly, helpful bunch who would love to welcome you to the team!

We lost a great player to game boredom :(. Anyone still enjoying the game and wanting to be part of a cool, helpful, friendly alliance would be welcomed at Veritas. We are taking down most 9* titans and always wreck the 8*s. We have some amazing players in our group and would love to have you join us

Still looking to fill a couple spots in an awesome alliance - your contribution will put us into the top 100 most likely! Come kill 9* titans with us :slight_smile:

Are you our missing piece? We are looking for one more solid, active player to get us into the top 100. We are sooooo close! Be part of Veritas killing 9* titans and sometimes 10* - super helpful, no drama, no pressure - just hit the titan and don’t be a jerk :slight_smile: LOL

We are in the market for a few solid players. With a full crew we are likely to make it into the top 100!! Killing 8* titans with our limited crew and just need you to join us to knock down the 9*

how many spots are open? Also what are your feelings about cups?

Hey Zippy - we have three openings. We understand the importance of cups but aren’t hardcore about it. We like members to stay above the minimum balance but our main request is to hit the titans :slight_smile: sorry for the delayed response - please come and hang out a while and see how you like us :slight_smile:

1 more spot left. friendly and easy going clan. us new people are staying :smiley:
come hit hard and have fun

We have rebuilt and are looking strong! Knocking on the door of the top 100 but we need one more CONSISTANT, reliable hard hitter to take us there. We are low pressure (we only require that you hit the titan, use your flags) but we do like to kill big titans! We are helpful and encouraging And have many players that give some great advice on strategy and team building. Come join us and stay a while!

This clan is awesome and steadily growing. We’ve been hitting the top 100 now but just need someone with dedication who can help kick it up a notch :smiley:
3000 power (might consider slightly less)
1200 trophies (easy peasy)
7* to 9* titans…come now and be a part of Infamy!

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We have a war starting soon!! We would love to have a full roster to fight - one special opening for a dedicated player…

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VERITAS is looking for 1 or 2 strong players who can hang with 8/9/10* titans. We have a solid core of extremely helpful members (especially when you join the line chat) who will definitely increase your understanding of the game and help you reach your full potential! We have been flirting with the top 100 (got up to 89 recently) but need YOU to help us stay there!

Looking for a couple of strong (or getting stronger!) players to help us with these pesky 9* titans! Come join us if you still want to have fun playing this game while learning more about strategy and tactics from a really helpful group of people. We have the potential to squeeze into the top 100 with a full roster - will you be the one to get us there!?


We are looking for 3 players to fill our roster. We are taking 8* and 9* titans and have GREAT atmosphere - I cant recommend Veritas highly enough.

@RosomakSteven @Marciless I was interested by your post and just wanted to ask if you guys use discord to communicate outside the game and how active is your member participation in alliance war? Also, do I sound like a good fit for you guys: Player Seeking Alliance

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