Looking for a new alliance to call home

Hi. Like the title said, I’m looking for a new alliance. I’m currently at level 34, SH 20, sitting comfortably on the 2000-2100 cup level, and am a daily player. I do my best to participate in AW and titans. I don’t have any HOTMs or 5s yet, though. I have one good team of fully ascended, fully levelled 4s and I’m working on my second. I am the same note with a 3* team, though I mostly focus on 4*s right now.20181217_113934 Screenshot_20181217-113850_Empires


Hi, you can check squadra invincibile, we have some free spots now.
We have some high level (30+) and some low level (12-) players. Currently facing 4 to 6* titans, after losing one of our best attackers.

Check out The Ruthless Warriors. We just started fighting a 9 star rare green and will be taking it down. We have an ad in the alliance recruitment thread right now that describes us!

Please check out chaos brigade. The title says it all, we all call chaos brigade our home. Your attitude is what we have and what we look for. We are from all over the world, we are from different races, we have lgbt members. It is just like an extended family.

We are kicking a veteran player for not being active a long time. So the spot will be available soon. We are in the first 1000 alliances, you will grow with us.

Hit me up in line, my account’s name is ebonest

Chaos brigade has zero open spots.

You guys seem to have a strong alliance.

We have a wonderful alliance of great people. We respect and support each other, having fun and enjoying our game.

We are well moderated and very active. We expect our players to enjoy being active because it’s a team effort.

How do you like war, are you using all your war hits? Would you be able and willing to follow war strategy?

I do my best at AW, but there’s only so much control you may have over an awful board of tiles. Yes to the rest.

Our alliance is strong, and that is what you should look for to grow faster. Don’t you have line app? We use it to communicate about game without giving away our phone numbers and such

Hi @AdmiralEnzo,

You can join one of our sister alliances if you want:

AKA Traggeter

@AdmiralEnzo what is your name in the game? I will send an invitation

If you want to fight 7-9 star titans and laugh a lot join 33 Seconds.

Our sister alliance Zero Unchained is recruiting, friendly group, growing strong. Also common Line chat with the main Zero alliance for fun and learning.

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@AdmiralEnzo we kicked the guy, come check chaos brigade!!

You could check out the Cheshire Cat, it is the training alliance of Down the rabbit hole…, you need a bit of growth for the Rabbit hole, but once you’ve grown, you could step up. I am currently in the Cheshire Cat myself.

The Byzantine Empire are looking for strong hard hitting players to join our friendly alliance. Team Level 2.8k & 800 Trophies minimum with participation in all titans and wars a must. We are selective for a reason! Come and say hello and meet the happy team, I reckon you’ll find your new home right here with us!

We have high levels too, you would be most welcome to join our friendly and active alliance :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a fun ,hard-working ,fun to talk to ,helpful alliance with a great sense of humor and a family atmosphere search “The Leaky Wench Tavern”. All of our players started at lower levels and stayed with us because we really have a blast, where very competitive but also realize that this is supposed to be fun. Good luck with your search give us a looksee

Hi! Your power level fits exactly with our average player level! We would love to have you, we are currently taking down a 9* rare roster so if you join fast you have a chance at the tonic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:! Look us up and send a request if you like