Looking for a fun alliance that's going places?

Looking for an active alliance with great people and an amazing War Strategy?

Want to be a part of a friendly, funny group who support each other and help each other grow as players?

Then Gates of Hell2 might just be your new home.

We’re a little over a month old, but we’re already comfortable with low-end 8* titans.

With the right new alliance members, that will continue to grow pretty quickly.

We’re also doing very well at War. Using all 6 flags in war is a must (but of course, real life always comes first — just let us know if something comes up).

There’s no player level or Team Power minimum, but you should definitely have enough 3*/4*/5* heroes for some solid War hits.

If you don’t yet have 6 decent teams for War, be prepared to work hard on getting them together. We’ll be happy to help you set up your teams and grow your roster.

We use Line to communicate. If you’ve never used Line before, no worries — we’ll help you get set up.

Ready to Learn More or Join?

If this sounds like the kind of alliance you could call home…

  • hit me up on Line: my ID is garanwyn

  • Or just search for Gates of Hell2 in game and ask to join. Please mention that you saw the forum ad in your join message.


How many of you are there?

17 currently

Still looking for some great, active players! If that’s you, we would love to meet you.

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If you’re looking for an in-game home, give us a try. We’re currently celebrating our latest war win and killing our most recent rare titan. Come be a part of the fun!

Taking down 8* titans now. With the right people, we could move up to 9*. Is that you? Check us out!

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