Limit break blue. Iris Ariel or wait?

What do you think. Have them both emblemed and ready, just can’t decide

Who LB first?

  • Iris
  • Ariel

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Ariel is the better hero, but if you use Iris a lot I think your benefit more from her having the extra pop

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Who else do you have and how much do you use them? I usually don’t LB 5* healers with a couple of exceptions. Iris is good not great.

Do you pull frequently ore are FTP or CTP?

I’m CTP mostly. My Go to stack for Blue is Skadi - C Kiril and Iris. I have Iris at 20 emblems and LB. With the Taunt/Minion maker defense META, I use these 3 a LOT. For me, the Defense and attack down help me a LOT with killing all the minions with Skadi. And Iris with Kiril’s skill will always hit over 700 damage to the target and half that to nearby enemies…as well as removing the taunt for 3 turns. Oh sure, I’d use Ariel a LOT if I had her too but I don’t think I’d take her in those 3 I use based on the common defenses out there.


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Is your Skadi limit broken?

It is yes. All attack nodes, same with Iris

I should have done Iris

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