Life Matters Alliance - come join us

Just cleaned house and we have 5 slots open! The majority of us are a core group that have been playing since alliance started. New leader with 6 coleaders that want to be the best. Must be an active participant with 600+ trophies. Come see what we are all about! We also communicate outside of the game via LINE chat to help us stay in touch and instant up to date info.

I am looking to move alliances. How do you folks normally fair in wars and titans?

Hi stole! We are battling 6 and 7 star titans right now. We beat the 6 stars all the time but 7 stars have been a struggle because we need a full alliance. We do well on wars too. We kicked butt in our last war. Our alliance has focused on building 6 war teams and it’s proven to work well. All in all we are a good alliance we just need a few more folks to help complete us. I think you’ll enjoy our alliance. Hope to see you :slight_smile:

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Sorry meant to say hi atoler! Spell check got me there

Just joined your alliance.

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