Let it go! Let it go! Can't raid with you anymore- Poetry Slam [Poem, Art]

When you have emotional attachment to a fictitious character and feel guilty about ‘moving on’.

Who did you feel bad about feeding to your shiny new hero?

Or did this not happen to you? Maybe you’re too rational…or a total sociopath?

Dear Jeneh,
With your skirt of grass
What fun we had, but things don’t last
We shared the loot, we shared the jokes
Of runic bears and Orgron slopes.
But, I’ve met someone else it’s true.
She’d really like to train with you…
I know it seems like quite a rush
You could say she is my new crush.
Not met before? Or know her well? Well let me introduce Miss Hel.

Dear Olaf,
I must be running late,
I missed you at the Summon gate
I’ve been away, I’ve had a cough
My hearing is a little off
Avoiding you?
Of course that’s false
I often think of no-one else!
Although, and please don’t cause a fuss,
I’m going out with Perseus.
And no, it isn’t what you think, we’re only going to share a drink.
Look me in the eye it’s true, you’ll always be my favourite blue…


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Don’t worry, you will meet them both again soon enough…

Lol, this is a great thread. I can not come close to you in long form. Here is the best I can do haiku while drinking at my local bar

Brand, with the fierce stare
Confidence is your mantra
Feed you to Boril


Blue Grimm I have five
But I must break up the band
Alasei is calling

Grimm Death Metal Band


Let’s try Limerick…

You are the thief with a heart
My icon from the start
In game avatar you may be
But, Layla you must see
To feed Aeron we must part

Layla has been my in game avatar since I started playing over a year ago. I have no room for a 2 Star at this point. To answer your original question, she is the one I feel guilty about “feeding” to my bigger heroes.

(Sound of crying in the background)…

Considering the sheer number of Layla’s I have fed to other “shiny” hero’s… I will go with sociopathic.

; )


That’s fabulous.
Beauty, strength. Then, bang, reality bites

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Maybe one of them can go on to have a mediocre solo career including an ill-judged Christmas single with Beyonce…


Alright let me join in on some of this lyrical fun:

All these yellow feeders, EVERYTHING!
Must be fed to the Monkey King
So that I get the best Titan Score
That gives me daggers and not much more


Brilliant @DMP !



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King Louie is no fan of bare necessities, he just want to walk like you, talk like you too.

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Haha maybe a little clarity is needed, Wukong is the Monkey King, you might recognize him from a Journey to the West. He’s a part of Eastern mythology/culture.

Well I didn’t know that Wu Kong has some history outside of e&p.

But I wasn’t expecting you to feed heroes to king Louis :wink:

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Yeah I think all the basic/normal 4* yellows are Asian/Eastern inspired. Although Hu Tao, panda, kung-fu panda? is debatable.

I’m beginning to get addicted to your writing…find myself looking for more after reading one or two!


No one has posted
‘Bout what I have been feeling
while drunk at a bar

Poetry, really?
Forum posts are hard enough…
@Lesley-annie, shame

; )

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Thanks @dragonslove346 :grinning:

You can find all a players posts by tapping their logo and selecting ‘activity’ from the drop down list on the summary page.

Thank you! I learned something new today! That makes it a great day!

There’s a fresh offering here: