Lepiota or Killhare? Garnet or Elizabeth?

I can take one of them to max (7 tabards).

My purple fives are Kage, ursena, Clarissa, costume domitia, sartana, and Zulag.


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Killhare is one of the scariest hero. Definitely her

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Are you able to emblem any of them?

You seem to have Ursena which is a bit like Killhare, and one of them would probably end up benched.

Meanwhile, Lepiota is interesting (and fast) supporting option.

Unless you can immediately max Killhare and put her in your defense, it wouldn’t hurt to up Lepiota first and wait with Killhare for Tabards (and fighter emblems).

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I have lots more fighter emblems (Killhare) available than sorcerer emblems (Lepiota).

Ursena and Garnet have my max sorcerer emblems at the moment.

Only costume Lianna for fighter emblems.

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Killhare it must be then.

Though neither Lianna nor her costume are fighters.


Good catch. Meant magni, not Lianna.

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Your point about ursena already being maxed and playing a similar role is valid, too.


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Hello @Baker :wave:

Since you want to focus on one of the two to level up first and you shared your emblems immediately available support Killhare, it would seem wiser to choose the Spring Valley hero.

Are you using other color lower level heros to level up heros? Let us know how it went for you? Enjoy your two terrific heros Killhare and Lepiota.

Another issue…Garnet or Elizabeth? And where would you place your choice on defense?

Both are excellent A+ u will maxed them in the end, it’s depend who u need the most right now. U can’t get wrong whoever u choose.

Tank garnet
Flank elizbth