Large scale offers - like current Hobgoblins for 100€ -

Offer for 109,99 is weakest of all three presented (others being for 5,49 and 21,99$).

MY QUESTION IS : SHOULDNT you be rewarded biggest, if you go for biggest reward?

For example : if you would be buying only offers for 5 euros, you would be getting 600 gems and one hero token. If you multiply by 20 to get to 100$, that means 12000 gems and 20 tokens - compared to offer for 100$ which is 11000 gems and 6 tokens in total.

100$ option also adds few ascenscion mats, same as offer for 21$, so if you multiply offer for 21$ to get to 100$, the one time deal offer would also lack in ascension mats comparable…

I believe 100$ offer should get revaluated. I would be among buyers of such offers if they were atleast close in comparions to weaker options…

What are your thoughts?

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I think that the difference in $/gem is offset by the other stuff you get…

Highest cost you get 2x 4* ascension materials.

It’s still not the best value deal ever, but…

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I agree. They seem to think 4* ascension materials are worth $20 apiece, and 3* mats are $5 each. Measure them by that value, and it may make a bit more sense. Them be big numbers, but that’s how it looks to be.

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It’s diminishing returns pricing, instead of placing the highest value deals in the offers with highest costs.

The argument for a system like that is it gives moderate spenders access to better deals, while effectively curbing the advantage big spenders get.

Right or wrong, it’s a game balance decision.


Well THAT’S a new one! You sure that’s their line of thinking? It sure seems it would work, and I’d be kinda impressed if that’s the reason they do it. They do it for balancing? That’s a different business move than what I’m used to

I personally believe the $99.99 deal is there to make the other two deals look just that little extra bit more enticing.

Same idea with all the gem packs in the shop, they’re there to make deals like this one look extra good.


I understand, but you still only get few…

There are offers for 10$, where you get 1000 gems and 4* AM. You better not multiply this offer 10x times to see, what you should be getting from 100$ deal :slight_smile:

Like I said, im not expecting now 10* ascensions mats from 100$ deal, but atleast fill it more with items, you can get that easy…

An offer i would buy for 100$ would be 14000 gems, 1 each 4* AM, then 2 of each 3* AM and 5 EHT, 5 ETT, and 10 silver tokens… That would be rewarding for 100$ deal, in my opinion or something close to it ( from my point of biggest investment being most rewarding, if we agree on that)

I can’t speak for the game designers, but the business model isn’t entirely unusual, and does incrementally reduce the advantage of purchases.

Summoning has diminishing returns as well, and Ascension Material scarcity helps create a balance blocker too.

You can only get so far ahead with purchases.

I definitely agree with this, I’ve often said the Shop offers primarily exist as price anchors for the special offers.


Their real thinking is this:

cheap players tend to be much more tight with their money.

So you have multiple offers, given the illusion that one offer is really great (compared to the others), and that’s the one that cheap players can afford; it may push players who weren’t planning to spend to spend their money.

The bigger offers don’t need to be as enticing because that would reduce the willingness of small spenders.

And for the big spenders, they’re just looking for a place to throw their money, they’re gonna buy the offer regardless of what’s in it.

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Good point Zephyr, if they really thinking like that…

But they still dont need to go overboard with AM if thats the case…

They can UP the gems then or tokens which are more insignificant from balancing standpoint

With throwing quite a lot of money into game, I see myself as big spender. But with a bit time added in game, I learned, how bad such offers are and Im not inclined in buying anymore until further changes… It was only bait in the begining, when I didnt have the persepctive of rarity of each item…

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The best example being bigger spenders buying gems straight from the Shop, where their price is effectively higher than all special offers.

They do so because they’ve run out of other places to buy gems cheaper — the offers create pricing scarcity for each given price point, so someone wanting to spend more has no choice but to also buy at a higher unit price.


They can also include costume keys, valhalla, challenge and atlantis tokens to make offers more inviting…

The goal is for sure to extract more money from customers, even if there is ballancing point to it. Im sure they can find a way to make grand offers better…

Also, with so many events atlantis, customs, tavern, valhalla + any events, people will be even less inclined to go for pure gem offers from shops.

Even those offers need revaluation in my opinion.

As a semi-big spender, the $100 offer is the only one that is really enticing to me because of the tabard and tome. Epic hero tokens barely move the needle for me since I have literally every hero in the regular epic summons portal. 3-star ascension mats are nice, but I usually have an excess. But I have about 15 5-star heroes stuck at 3.70, waiting on 4-star ascension items. I’d purchase it if it was just the gems, tome, and tabard.

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Thank you for your opinion. But surely, you would spend more often, if there were more gems included in 100$ offer or some extra AM?

You can also spend epic hero tokens on seasonal events, which surely, you dont have all desired heroes? Atleast majority of players doesnt.

Anyway, thread purpose is, how to attract more people to spend on 100$ offers, so both SG and community benefits from it… If there is interest from more people who arent necesarilly biggest spenders but are currently on the fence of buying such offers, im sure SG has an interest in exploring new 100$ offers in future.

Its like, im holding 100$ and wawing with it to SG and proposing them, what are they going to do about it :slight_smile:

I’m sure with the balance change coming the spending is going to decline. People want to know what characters are going to change and act accordingly to it

I am just starting to buy after 6 months playing, this looks like a good start point for me.

This seems to be a difference of opinion due to different spending levels. Would I appreciate more gems and epic hero tokens? Yes, absolutely. Would I buy more? No, actually. I already buy every big offer that comes along since they are infinitely better than the shop offers, which I also buy. I’ve never had the problem of holding onto money waiting for SG to wow me. I don’t have that much self control I guess.

I sometimes long for the days that epic hero tokens meant something to me. They used to be among the most valuable things I could get. But they truly don’t mean much anymore. I don’t have every special event hero. But I pulled 2 Sir Roostleys last event and wasn’t even excited because he was behind 4 other yellow heroes waiting on darts. 4-star ascension items and emblems are really the only things I get excited about anymore.

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