Kittyhawk is recruiting - friendly, active players

Hello there, Kittyhawk is a friendly no drama alliance. We would like to add several new members to our group.

Titans - at least 3 hits per titan.

Wars - not mandatory but if you sign in - you do all your 6 war hits.

Team power - we would like to see new members with at least one 3500+ team.
(Hey, if you are somewhat lower, give it a try, we will see if we like each other)

Discord is not mandatory but we will be happy if you join us there and have a chat.

Interested in joining your alliance, plus another member.

Aquildragoon and BigSwinger80

Look forward to invite.

Hello @plummox. There is no way ingame to invite players. Players have to apply for alliances.
Poke the Alliance icon on the bottom row of icons, then the rightmost tab “Alliances” and then type Kittyhawk in the search box and search. Our alliance will pop up, you can see our info and apply.

We are very happy to have Aquildragoon and BigSwinger80 with us.

And we are still looking for more members, the more the better :slight_smile:

Still have a couple of spots, come see :slight_smile:

Hello, there. Still looking to get stronger. Come and see :slight_smile:

Life has chipped away some members. Looking for active player to join our group.

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