Killhare, Lepiota, Fura, Zulag, Donitia or Malicna to ascend?

Who to ascend?
Already have at 4/80 Alfrika, 2 Seshats, Kageburado, Guardian Panther, Sartana, Kunchen, TothAmun, Clarissa, MokArr, and Sargasso

I think I’d do Lepiota. You have flat out killers already, ascend one that’s fun to use.


I would personally do Killhare for the synergy with Kunchen and Panther in a 3-2 or mono. With the elemental and standard defense debuff applied, she’s capable of wiping entire teams.

I’d wait for lepiota minion ghost bug to be fixed since you have killhare. Could take a half a year if it goes on like alfrike’s bug.

Truthfully you have some really solid depth already with varied skills. You don’t NEED any of the heroes you’re considering. I would say at this point level the one who like and feel like playing with even you can’t describe why you like them beyond “just ‘cause”.

If you can’t decide level Fura while you think because she’s a 4* I assume you can do fast and won’t take 4* mats.

Congrats on the roster, enjoy!


I meant freya…:slight_smile:

Thats what i was thinking, especially in fast war

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You have so much firepower already. Killhare would be Overkillhare. I say go with something fun to use like Lepiota.

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So is Mokky. With the catch that purple heroes are immune to him. But wiping 4 out of 5 is not bad either.

Lepiota +1 for me. New fresh skill

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