Kageburado talent grid

Hi, I just got my Kageburado up to max level. And was wondering what stat preference should I focus on for talent grid. I think I can make him up to ascension level 6 for now. My main team consists of Tarlak, Kage, Kashhrek, Sumitomo and Sonya. At around 3.8k tp and 2-2.2k trophy. Would help to let me know why too.
Thanks in advance for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you want an att excess, a sturdier dude or strengthen all stats equally? Answer the question yourself and then you’re able to take the right path matching your aim.

There isn’t a one and only right talent grid for each hero.

Kage being very fast may get an att excess to early oneshot an opponents threat.


Thanks for the reply, Atk would be the right choice, but what I’m having a dilemma about is between hp and def. I think that his hp is below average. one train of thought tells me that I should try to balance out its weakness, but then again, maybe strengthening its stat of an avg defense would prove to be better.

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1 defense is worth about 2.2hp points if I’m correct, but the further you go down the tree the less noticeable the differences are. Always go attack for snipers such as himself. Defense is usually a safe bet.

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