🔱 Kageburado – 5* Dark/Purple from Season 2

one on one (with any heroes), he would win, what 90% of the time if not more?

I am thinking about best way o using my Barbarian emblems. I have 380 on Grimm (+18) and 350 waiting for a new hero. In my opinion resetting them with a red token and giving all to Kageburado would be some kind of lost potential. I love playing with Grimm offensively, he is amazing beast with Richard, Kiril and Vela. But of course, attack path for Kage is worth a lot. Would you please suggest me what would be the best way? I know there is never only black and white. My thinking would be using reset token, giving Grimm + 8 and rest + all incoming emblems to Kageburado.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I get some of my best scores because of Ranvir. Also, I’d like to point out that I didn’t say he was better than Miki because I don’t think he is. Experiences with RNG are all different, my experience has obviously been better than yours. Again, sorry.

I pulled Kage and Ursena. Which one deserves the mats?


It’s a tough decision. Both are great! It also depends what is your main roster. I usually consider different factors, which includes where to use a hero & how many areas this character will be located. Personally, I own 2 copies of Kageburado & can tell you he is great but a little unpredictable in A.I. defense mode.

Was going for GM, who still eludes me. Pulled muggy and Clarrisa right after my 1st pull of Kage!!!
Still want GM but if dark hero are what I get then dark is what I’ll use.
Kage will be BFF’s with Finley, Telly, Marjana/Natalya and Viv****Clarissa is interesting As well but I like her more offense I believe?

******heros subject to change without notice. If hero’s cause loss of cups PapaHeavy cannot be held liable.

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Morlovia is at the end of the month. You won’t have to wait very long for the last one.

Is it ever worth giving Kage barbarian emblems if you have Gravemaker? Is it worth splitting some of the emblems for Kage?

I love my Caged Burrito.


I have him on+9 his good and I get Clarissa as well but I have 0 tabards so I’m doing very bad now. My dark heros Max all are Boss Wolf,KG,Kunchen and I have seshat as well but she’s on 3/70 for a while amd I think she will stay there for a long time

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Pulled my 3rd Kage and I’ll be taking him up to 3/70 like I did with the 2nd one.
The dispel BEFORE the damage dealing is low key what makes kage so nice. Being able to circumvent or destroy the buffs before any calculation of damage or counterattack has bailed me out and turned the tide in more than a few raids.
I love using him in stacks. His speed is killer, I’ve found it’s always best to target the over half health targets unless someone HAS to be ko’ed before next turn (low health reviver for example). I’ve taken my first kage to+18 and I do not regret the emblem allocation at all.


Just found a case, when Kage can die from counterattack. Brynhild+Boril will kill Kage for good.


How does his attack stat get up to 893 with full attack path? He starts at 780 and has 6 +15 nodes and 1 +18 node.

So that’s 780+108= 888, but I’ve seen him maxed and he has 893. Where’s the 5 I’m missing?

The Attack bonus node increases attack by 3%

3% of 780 is 23.4 rather than 18?

23.4 - 18 = ~ 5

Oh I see. It’s misleading that they summarize the 3% at 18 points because I wouldn’t have thought the former attack nodes would cause this to further increase.


Kage is miles ahead of panther. Not even close.

I have him at +19 (893 att, 789 def & 1320 health). Yeah, powerful sniper, only when the target has more than 50% health. Otherwise, he usually cant kill most ailing enemy heroes. I will strip him of his emblems and put them all to my GM.

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Not saying GM isn’t good - he’s better on D than Kage for sure and as such a prime choice for emblems - but +19 Kage has crazy tiles! Use his wet noodle slap and then send a tile or two on the target and they’re down :).

I pulled GM before Kage so he got my emblems, but stopped at +19 and putting everything new on Kage. Appreciating him more and more, it’s just a matter of what you want and when. Also, GM does take his time killing off the targets…


Good point. It just so happen that I got Kage first before Gravy, the latter as a featured hero in Atlantis, a few months apart. Got stoked when Kage landed on my bench when he was not even featured that Atlantis. Back then, i was badly needing purple 5 stars while i was wallowing on 20+ tabards and only Domitia as the sole maxed 5 star purple (i had then a duplicate Dom but didnt bother leveling a second one as i wanted a fast purple). The month after I got Kage, Seshat was drawn, and a few weeks within that same month, TC20 gave me Sartana. I got them all maxed up all right and currently working still on Clarissa, and maybe another Clarissa as I got 2 of May’s HOTM. Still have enough tabards to ascend both Kunchen and Grimble but i have costumed Rigard +10 and Grimble may be placed at 3/70 as i am eyeing costumed Sartana and if i got the said costume, i may level my 2nd Sartana. With so many purples already on my roster, i feel that Kage’s emblems would be best served for GM, both for defense as well as for beating pesky Telly tanks and may place 4 nodes on Kage after making GM+20.

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That depends on what you use them for. Attacking with rainbow or max 2 purple I would agree with your statement. If attacking with a stack 3+ purple both are good. Kage will work with anyone but Panther is a better partner for Ursena plus it even allows you to bring Thoth-Amun if you happen to have ascended him early on (guilty!).

Since Kage for me would be reduced to hit while in war Panther is clearly a better choice for my roster since she’s the best titan hero that purple owns so overall makes a bigger difference.

Kage is a better defensive purple hero though if someone is looking for that.