🔱 Kageburado – 5* Dark/Purple from Season 2

Imagine my glee, having gotten both Gravemaker AND Kage from Atlantis at the beginning of May. :smiley:

They are both maxed now, and Gravemaker gets first dibs on the Barbarian emblems, and once my Food & Iron recover I’m planning to reset Grimm+18 to push Gravemaker higher faster. Kage is next in line for emblems, and then probably Malosi after that.

As the main topic discusses Kage specifically, my impressions on him so far is that he is AMAZING. My typical raid strategy is either 3-2 or 3-1-1 stack.

When attacking Yellow, my typical 3-stack of Purple is:

Rigard+19 Costume, he gets my Lvl 17 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles
Kage, he gets my Lvl 15 mana troop to charge in 6 tiles
Ursena, she gets… Lvl 1 mana troop, the leftovers. :wink:

Kage charging in 6 tiles and just ripping through enemy defenses is just awesome. :smiley: The only hero that gets in his way is Brynhild, who prevents his dispel from working. But I don’t see much in the way of Brynhild on the teams I typically attack, so it all works out OK.

At the same time in the beginning of May, I also got Clarissa. But Kage got the priority for leveling and for Tabards; I’ve wanted him for a long time, and he did not disappoint. No regrets for letting Clarissa stand in line. (I guess pulling Gravemaker helped, too!)

Good gaming!

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Mainly saying this question depends upon roster. I wouldn’t use either of them for normal raid attacks. Since I have all the other purple snipers at max the impact on my war roster isn’t as large as not having Panther vs Titans (Panther is a she btw).

If Kageburado would be frequent in your raid attack team I would choose him first. Filling chests faster is a more likely source of income for 4* ascension material than missing any because a titan escaped because your titan damage is lower vs one of the five colors (and it won’t escape anyway, someone will use up a flask if so).

Do you have another reason for this? He only needs a lvl 5 troop with the costume bonus to hit nine tiles, and a lvl 1 troop if you took the mana node.


Well, you just made my day! :smiley: I hadn’t been factoring in the mana bonus from the costume in my figuring… duh! I guess I CAN just use that Lvl 1 mana troop for him, and give Ursena and Kage the higher attack from the 15 and 17! Thanks! :smiley:

I might have to revisit some of my other costumes to see if I forgot to factor in mana bonuses there, too…

Good gaming!

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Older threads with good discussion on Kageburado:
(will add more as they get revived)

I need help for the best talent path kageburado

I would probably go full attack route. Where there are two paths with Attack node, I would go the one with HP.

This would be my setup/ path:

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While it is advisable to go for the all-swords path, there is only one fork in the path where both provide swords and that would be after the 7th node. But that is a no brainer since most would be well-advised to go to the attack bonus node of +23 attack instead of getting the healing bonus node. I think this is the only class where if one opts for the full attack nodes, there would be no conflict between the health and defense nodes if both swords are available on either side.

EDIT: Despite of what I have posted above, I still have my Kage at +19. The hesitation of stripping him of the emblems in favor of Gravemaker stemmed on the fact that even if my GM is already +8, my defense still holds pretty nice at lower-mid Diamond arena when I wake up every morning without GM in defense. And maybe the addition of a maxed Clarissa dealing DOTs resulting to the death of dying enemy heroes forced me to rethink new strategies where Kage’s SS is best used against.


Hehe I did take the percentage attack direction at Node-8


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Going on the offensive track is good
But it will not stand, it will end with one hit

Kage may have low health even when emblemed, but I did make a war tank out of him for more than a year before Telly came and surprisingly, I was barely attacked at will either because a very fast hero that deals 450% damage from his 893 attack stat early on is a scary proposition, or that the other supporting casts flanking him were Drake+19 and Onatel+18 and at the wings were Alberich+19 and SW+19 back then were also a bit scarier.

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You asked for the best track; I provided how i would do it :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to take my opinion or not.

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

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So yeah, I have him, Victor, and two Clarissas for good measure. While Vic is better when dealing with healers and Clarissa is better on defense, Kage I found he is best for offense (though I have him on defense as well because Clarissa and Heimdall clash for emblems). What I find about him the most valuable is not the absurd damage he does at very fast speed to anything with more than half of HP, but that dispel he does before. Basically: enemy has counter, defense up - it does not matter (unless Bryn is nearby). He is a bit squishy though.

Sorry, Kage question… (sorry no video proof)

Going up against cKadilen and her SS fires giving everyone dodge. My Kage fires and I was expecting him to dispel the dodge and hit. But cKadilen dodged.

Is Kage’s dispel dodgable? bug or working as intended?

It’s the same for Phileas Fogg : their dispel can be dodged.


There are two different kind of dodge.

One like kadilen c dodges nearly everything, her skill says dodge special skills. So she can dodge direct damage, status effects like def down, burn or poison and dispel. That’s what makes her so annoying, even if you bring a dispeller with you, there is no guarantee that the dodge is gone. So no guarantee, that kage will dispel her buff.

The other is dodge like mageret or jade, they only dodge direct damage, but if you hit them with some statusefects they won’t miss, and you can dispel them (only mageret herself is imun against dispel because of her passiv ability as a hotm). As long as you don’t target mageret herself, kage will dispel the dodge.


For more conversation on dispel being dodged see below


I managed to summon him last night after hoping for Kageburado for years now. :smiley: Can’t seem to make my mind up on which version to use, regular or his costume? For emblems, thinking i’d favour attack path maybe? Thoughts, anyone?


Majority of voters prefer costume