Join Winter Phoenix!


I decided to have this post provide objective information and avoid propaganda-style. Naturally, I think our alliance is active and has good and constructive atmosphere, since otherwise I would move to another one…

Alliance name

Winter Phoenix


We defeat 8* frequently but not always. We crush 7*. We killed 9* only once when we coordinated to do so since it was a rare one.


We leave only a few flags each war, but if you are looking for an alliance with zero tolerance in this subject you should look for a different one.
We are coordinated to prefer Dark tanks. Not all of us have a good Dark tank so they just use the tank they have.
Of course you can opt out of the war if it does not suit you.


10/27 of us have more than 2K trophies.
20/27 of us have more than 1.8K trophies.
26/27 of us have more than 1K trophies.
Minimum entrance threshold is 600 trophies.
Entrance is open.


We communicate via in game chat without any third party software.

Find this type of alliance suitable for you? We will be glad to have you in!

Nice message. You’ve provided a lot of information most folks would want when consider moving alliances. The only other question one might have is whether you have coordinated tanks or a “war strategy” that you’d like folks to follow.

Good luck, and thanks for all the detail.

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Thanks. I’ll add this.

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